Carbine Studios Highly Anticipated MMO WildStar Launches Today

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Thursday, June 5, 2014

NCSOFT and Carbine Studios have officially launched their sci-fi MMO WildStar. Carbine says that the game emphasizes high action combat that challenges player skill and provides unmatched PVP and robust housing customization. What also stood out to me is the game’s art style, which is much more bright and colorful than what I’m used to in an MMO. WildStar is sticking with a traditional subscription model, as the base game is $59.99 which comes with a month’s worth of play time. After that it costs $14.99 a month, with the price getting slightly cheaper if you buy multiple months at a time.

However, if you don’t want to pay the subscription cost every month Carbine has provided a way to buy additional months using WildStar’s in-game currency (details here). It’s an interesting concept for those who only want to pay the initial $60 cost to play and then not worry about subscriptions, though I’m not sure off-hand how much in-game gold it will require. Check out additional details about the game below.

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., June 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — NCSOFT® and Carbine Studios™ are reigniting the MMO gaming category today with the release of WildStar, the action-adventure sci-fi MMO that’s seriously going to shake things up. While officially launching today, Carbine Studios celebrated WildStar’s debut into the published world with a three-day Head Start early access program. During that time, WildStar received enough acclaim to firmly cement Carbine’s place as one of the top MMO developers of all time. Unlike anything currently available, WildStar delivers a beautifully animated and distinctive artistic style, robust housing customization, unmatched Player versus Player gameplay and high-action combat that truly tests players’ skill with its fast-paced, reactive telegraph system.

Additionally, the game showcases a distinctive personality that is humorous but laced with a foreboding undercurrent that implies there is more to the world than meets the eye. WildStar gives players the freedom to experience the game how they want, while providing an unprecedented level of exploration and discovery set on the planet Nexus.

“We couldn’t be more pumped for launch day to finally be here – this has been a true labor of love. But that labor continues,” said Jeremy Gaffney, executive producer of Carbine Studios. “Yes, we just launched what is quite arguably the largest MMO to date – launching chock full of levelling and elder game content – but now the focus will be doing epic regular additions and moving the world story forward. We’re looking forward to the challenge.”


New Trailer: Nothing Here is What it Seems
In celebration of the official launch, Carbine Studios added another standout video to its repertoire: As shown in the trailer, nothing on planet Nexus is what it seems – the planet has a mysterious secret. And only after choosing a side and fighting for control of Nexus will player characters begin to uncover the secrets of the hyper-advanced Eldan that disappeared from the planet long ago.


Feature Rich: Putting the Fun Back in MMOs
WildStar is packed with features catering to the likes and play styles of both first-time MMO players and veterans:

-Dynamic Combat: Experience edge-of-your seat battles where Telegraphs keep you engaged with each fight
Customization: Make your mark on Nexus by putting your personality on everything, from your character’s appearance to how you receive game content
Housing: Digs like you’ve never seen in a game before, ever
World Story: a deep and engrossing world where things aren’t quite as warm and fuzzy as they appear….
Adventures: Intense, replayable, and a different experience every time
Arenas and Battlegrounds: Fast and furious PvP content where only the strongest and smartest teams make it out alive
Raids and Dungeons: So hardcore they floss with barbed wire, you’ll be uber-elite if you can survive
WARPLOTS: 40 vs 40 battles that combine housing and intense PvP for an experience you’ll only find in WildStar


WildStar is available now, starting with the Standard Edition at $59.99 and includes the game, 30 days of play time, and three seven-day friend passes, as well as an Eldan-themed Housing Decor item. For an additional $15 ($74.99), the Digital Deluxe version of WildStar includes all elements of the Standard Edition and more exclusive content: an Eldan Hoverboard, a unique costume, a unique Eldan player title and a limited-edition Eldan dye set. WildStar is a subscription-based game with ways to pay in cash or free with in-game currency – learn more at

WildStar is rated T for Teen by the ESRB for crude humor, fantasy violence, mild language, mild suggestive themes and use of alcohol.

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