Celebrities & Gauntlet World Record Holder Play Gauntlet Live

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Warner Bros. has announced that they will show the first gameplay footage of the upcoming Gauntlet title for PC via a live broadcast on Twin Galaxies Live. The event will take place this Thursday June 5th at 6:00 PM PDT via www.TwinGalaxiesLive.com. Warner Bros. will be bringing in Wil Wheaton, Adrianne Curry, Pooch Hall, and Dwayne Richard, the world record holder of the highest score from the original Gauntlet, to play the game.  The stream will be interactive and feature  the chance to ask questions about the game and win Gauntlet themed giveaways.  Check out additional details below. This new version of Gauntlet is being developed by Arrowhead, the developers responsible for the Magicka series, so if there is anyone that can do the series justice it would definitely be them.

The first official LIVE gameplay broadcast for Gauntlet from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will have its world debut during a star-studded broadcast on Twin Galaxies Live www.TwinGalaxiesLive.com on June 5, 2014 at 6:00 P.M. PDT.

A week in advance of E3, Gauntlet fans worldwide will get their first view of live co-op gameplay through celebrity guest players Wil Wheaton, Adrianne Curry, Pooch Hall, and classic arcade Gauntlet world record holder Dwayne Richard, playing the highly anticipated title as a team. The one-of-a-kind interactive multi-camera Twin Galaxies Live broadcast platform-in partnership with Twitch.tv and Skype-will allow viewers to fully participate, comment and interact with the celebrities and broadcast discussion experience in real-time. The broadcast will feature the new E3 trailer for the game, the opportunity for participating viewers to win exclusive, Gauntlet themed giveaways, and representatives from Arrowhead Game Studios may also join the broadcast to answer questions.

The official Twin Galaxies Live teaser video is available here: http://youtu.be/zEntBl0s3_Q



Wil Wheaton, Actor/Host, Star Trek: The Next Generation, TableTop
Adrianne Curry, Model/Host, America’s Next Top Model, Adrianne Curry’s Super Fans
Pooch Hall, Actor/Rapper, The Game
Dwayne Richard, Classic Gauntlet Arcade World Record Holder and historic holder of world records on more than a half dozen games, including Super Bagman, Warp Warp, Super Buster Bros. and Two Tigers
Game Developers from Arrowhead Game Studios (TBD)



An interactive multi-camera live stream and exclusive first look at Gauntlet gameplay with celebrity players. Fans will have direct access to the celebrity guests to ask questions LIVE via chat room or web cam during the broadcast.

Gauntlet, developed by Arrowhead Game Studios, innovates on past titles while staying true to the brand’s legendary format. Players select from four classic fantasy-based characters: Warrior, Wizard, Valkyrie, or Elf. Each character has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. For example, the Warrior does the most damage in melee combat, the Wizard has the most powerful magic, the Valkyrie has the most armor and the Elf moves the fastest. Distinctive play styles, procedural dungeons and an impressive art style keep the gameplay fresh.



The event will be streamed live on www.TwinGalaxiesLive.com the gaming culture network and official broadcast channel for the historic Twin Galaxies organization, in partnership with Twitch.tv.



Thursday, June 5 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM PDT

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