By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Thursday, May 29, 2014

Nowhere Studios has released Monochroma on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The game is a puzzle platformer set in a dystopian state during the 1950’s, and is told without cutscenes, text, or spoken word. The setting was inspired by the developer’s childhood memories of moving from the countryside to Istanbul and witnessing the Gezi Protests of 2013 in Turkey. Monochroma was another successful Kickstarter project that funded in August of last year, and it’s always great to see developers that come through with completed titles after crowdfunding. Check out additional details below, and you can purchase Monochroma via Steam for $19.99.

Istanbul, Turkey, May 28, 2014 – Nowhere Studios today announced that Monochroma, its cinematic dystopian puzzle platformer, is now available on Windows PC, Mac and Linux through Steam. In Monochroma players are transported to a dystopian state during the 1950’s, after two brothers witness a horrific crime committed by an evil corporation. Without cutscenes, text or spoken words, players must delve intellectually and emotionally into the story to help the brothers work together to progress past mind-bending puzzles and save the world from tyranny.

“After three years of development, from the high’s of our Kickstarter crowdfunding success to the lows of the Gezi Protests, we are proud to finally launch Monochroma – a very personal project that approaches a very different scope to video game narrative,” said Burak Tezateser, Co-Founder and Producer of Nowhere Studios. “We are looking forward to feedback from gamers around work, on how they interpret the games universe”.

Inspired by the developers’ childhood memories of moving from the countryside to urban Istanbul and the “Gezi Protests” of 2013, the most violently oppressed protest in modern Turkey, players discover the environment and follow the story through a carefully constructed black-and-white palette with splashes of red. As a result, the story is instantly understandable by players of all nationalities – without any localization required.

Spread over four chapters, discover vast ghettos built upon thousands of tenement buildings that reach into the clouds, a labyrinth of sewer tunnels, factories bellowing out industrial smoke and a city sized zeppelin hovering in the sky. The puzzles encountered in Monochroma are realistic and use physics to naturally blend with the environment.

Another Monochroma trademark is the relationship between the two brothers. Early in the game, the younger brother injures his leg after an accident, and must be supported by his older sibling. At times, the player needs to temporarily stop carrying him in order to solve puzzles. However he can only be placed near safe, bright areas—because like most kids, he’s scared of the dark. This gameplay mechanic defines Monochroma as a cerebral, methodical puzzle game that rewards players who are caring and brave at the same time. Being a responsible older sibling is mandatory—just as in real life.

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