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By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, August 24, 2014

Aksys Games surprised me with the announcement of Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters, a visual novel with strategy RPG elements for PS3 and Vita. I had not been expecting the game would be localized, and it’s one that I’m interested in checking out as this fusion of genres isn’t one that North America sees that often. It looks like the game will be $39.99 for both platforms and won’t be out until February 24th of next year, which gives you a bit of time for the holiday rush to die down. I’m always a supporter of visual novels of any kind, so I will be checking this one out for myself on PS3 next year. Additional details are below.

August 19, 2014 Torrance, CA – From Aksys Games, the publisher that brought the Zero Escape series to the West, Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters is a visual novel with compelling strategy RPG combat, now available to pre-order for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system! Take on the role of a ghost hunter, and feel the thrill of exploring eerie locations, uncovering the mystery of those who now wander as spirits! In Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters, you decide who joins your intrepid group to brave the unknown!
Pre-order Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters for PS3™ at Amazon!
Pre-order Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters for PS®Vita at Amazon!


A Riveting Narrative
As a new transfer to Kurenai Academy, a seemingly harmless tour leads you to a mysteriously closed-off section of the school. In the ominously shadowed hallways you encounter a girl in white who seems to be warning you of something. Moments later, something you never expected you’d see appears before you. A vicious ghost is now threatening your very life. Fortunately for you, a woman in a smart suit intervenes, saving you and your companion. After this life-altering event, you soon find yourself joining her at Gate Keepers, Inc., an occult magazine publishing company that secretly investigates ghostly phenomena. In Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters, utilize strategy and your own team of ghost hunters to banish evil spirits in a slew of supernatural incidents!

The Thrill of Ghost Hunting

RPG-Style, Strategic Combat – Prepare to battle the supernatural! In the planning phase, strategically set up all sorts of high-tech traps to help you hunt the ghosts! Level up your characters in optional side quests, and find parts so your engineer can craft more effective weapons! Once the battle starts, tactically maneuver your team to outwit, attack, and banish the evil spirits!
Innovative Five Senses System – With this player-empowering system, you can combine an emotion (love, friendship, sadness, anger, and contemplation) with one of your five senses (taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing) to respond to characters and interact with the world. Your choices can alter your relationship with characters and the story too! Curious players will undoubtedly stumble upon awkward moments with others!
Ghost Encounters – In each of the thirteen chapters, the Gate Keepers investigate locations thought to be haunted, attempting to uncover the truth of the restless spirits that roam the world of the living!

Immersive Animation – The animation of Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters brings its characters to life in a way that you’ve never seen! Become immersed in this thrilling, supernatural visual novel!


Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters has not yet been rated by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB). For more information, visit

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