Rise of the Triad Update 1.1 Rocks Out With Five New MP Maps, Hundreds of Fixes and Improvements

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Saturday, September 21, 2013

It has been about a month since Rise of the Triad came out, and Interceptor Entertainment has now released its first major update. This patch brings five new free multiplayer maps, a map playlist tool, and a slew of bug fixes. It’s clear the developers are putting a lot of time into this title and listening to player feedback, and I’m planning on checking it out again soon to see what has been changed/adjusted since launch. Check out a new trailer and the full changelog below.

ROTT Patch 1.1 Changelog:

*Note: this changelog does not take into account the thousands of meshes replaced, merged or removed to improve overall game performance

General Fixes:

* Playable character speeds balanced and better jump control
* Taradino: 2.5% Slower
* Doug: 7.5% Slower
* I .P: 5% Slower
* Thi: No Change
* Ben: No Change
* Larry: 2.5% Slower
* Leo: 2.5% Faster
* John: 7.5% Slower
* Lorelei: 2.5% Faster
* Groz: 5% Slower
* Bob: No Change
* Arturo 2.5% Slower
* Nolan 5% Slower
* Fabio: 2.5 % Slower
* Hoeg: 7.5% Slower

* Added Anti-Cheat/exploit leaderboard prevention
* Changed multiplayer listing server to be more stable
* “Disabled crosshair” no longer resets when hosting a new server
* Default Mouse Sensitivity is now 25
* Default FOV is now 85
* Weapons no longer disappear when picking up other weapons when in God mode
* “Yes / No” no longer re-selectable when exiting the game. Yes means yes. NO MEANS NO!
* “The Feiner Things” achievement fixed
* Firebomb viewmodel is now displayed correctly in 5:4 resolutions
* Tweaked blood hit effect for performance gains
* Tweaked God mode explosion effect for performance gains
* Blood Spray from gibs effect capped to increase performance (entrails are enabled by PhysX support in launcher)
* Overworld Map – E4L4 box no longer shows over checkpoint selector
* Added Walk function (default Left Shift)
* Decals are now active by default
* Health bonuses are now based on percentages
* Game brightness is now saved properly
* Split missle is now saved upon reaching checkpoints
* Fixed infinite ammo projectile weapons glitch
* In-game FPS counter can now be turned on permanently in main menu
* Popup combo information can be turned off in main menu
* Fixed HUD fade issue
* HUD fade and size is now restored upon checkpoint load
* If crosshair is disabled it’ll no long show up while aiming
* Robots no longer block weapons once they are dead
* Fixed God mode weapon switch exploit
* Key rebind issue fixed
* Lightshafts are disabled by default
* Fixed suicide achievement exploit
* Breakable objects that don’t inflict damage will no longer cook health
* Removed Drunk Missile spin down delay (You don’t have to wait for it to spin-down anymore)
* Fixed corrupted checkpoints when starting game from overworld and then restarting from
­* Reduced split missile put down time when empty
* Weapon Loadout Exploit fixed
* Removed pointless main menu idle state

General Multiplayer Fixes:

* Added popup message after disconnection from multiplayer server
* Projectile based weapons will now properly count kills after instigator dies
* Added new map playlist manager with map rotation
* LDKDedicatedServer will now filter out all alphanumeric characters from server name
* Added new multiplayer map browser
* Fixed non-moving Interpactors (GADS, etc)
* Fixed players touching an interpactor, the camera would move to a random position
* Fixed multiplayer music not playing properly
* Fixed Mercury mode lasting FOREVER
* Fixed issue with some players turning invisible (superpowers not allowed)
* Added dedicated Team spawns for TDM/CTF modes
* Taradino and Lorelei no longer have stretchy gibs in multiplayer
* Spawn points in Team Deathmatch are no longer random
* “Weapons free” voiceover is re-implemented
* Flamewall is no longer eating all asbestos armor and health. Now deals 75 dmg over the duration of 5 secs.
* “Combat starts in…” -sound no longer restarts every time a player joins a match
* Getting killed while the game ends no longer allows you to move around while the scoreboard is displayed
* Pistol is now selected by default after running out of ammo for other weapons
* Firebomb in multiplayer now does 25% less damage (75 dmg. per. explosion)
* Multiplayer main menu no longer breaks if you have console on while getting kicked out of a game

Level Design Fixes:

* E1L1 – Fixed area where player could get stuck in ‘gad graveyard’
* E1L1 – Fixed falling debris interfering with AI pathing
* E1L1 – Fixed area where player could get stuck behind metal crates
* E1L1 – Fixed area where player could get stuck on pipes
* E1L1 – Fixed enemies respawn upon loading checkpoint
* E1L1 – Fixed Player getting stuck on pillar.
* E1L1 – Fixed Rocketjumping to out of bounds areas
* E1L1 – Fixed Getting stuck under falling debris after loading Gadzooks
* E1L1 – Fixed Door before exit not colliding with missiles

* E1L2 – Fixed area where player could get stuck on wooden crates
* E1L2 – Secret 1 – Fixed area where you can get stuck behind these metal crates
* E1L2 – Fixed areas where player could get stuck on Sandbags
* E1L2 – Fixed Checkpoint exploit
* E1L2 – Fixed monk meals respawning
* E1L2 – Fixed all out of bounds rocket jump areas
* E1L2 – Fixed area you could get crouch stuck
* E1L2 – Fixed flag clipping into geometry
* E1L2 – Fixed checkpoint exploit (2)
* E1L2 – Script bug in first switch building

* E1L3 – Fixed Fixed secret button shadowing
* E1L3 – Fixed not getting hurt by flame traps when crouched at the Flamewall secret
* E1L3 – Added shootable glass that the player can move through
* E1L3 – Fixed areas you could get trapped in
* E1L3 – Fixed shootable secret trigger
* E1L3 – Fixed weird door lights
* E1L3 – Fixed Checkpoint Out of Bounds issue

* E1L4 – Optimised some areas in the panopticon
* E1L4 – Fixed areas where player could get stuck behind moving spike walls
* E1L4 – Fixed area where player could get stuck on pipes
* E1L4 – Fixed traps not moving on checkpoint load
* E1L4 – Fixed cell door blocking
* E1L4 – Fixed prisoner voice volume
* E1L4 – Fixed shadowing issues
* E1L4 – Fixed mis-algined geometry and holes to skybox

* E1L5 – Fixed rocket jump exploit

* E2L1 – Blocked off area player isn’t supposed to reach
* E2L1 – Moved floating trees
* E2L1 – Fixed Secret trigger size in god mode area
* E2L1 – Fixed Being able to walk outside the map
* E2L1 – Fixed area you could get trapped behind crates
* E2L1 – Fixed area you could get trapped behind triad logo
* E2L1 – Fixed lightbeam collision

* E2L2 – Bouncy castle flags and flag holders no longer have collision
* E2L2 – Fixed switch not activating on loading Last checkpoint from overworld
* E2L2 – Fixed area player could move into while level loads
* E2L2 – Crusher ceiling fixed, now has proper damage
* E2L2 – Fixed fire puzzle exit door, so player can’t get stuck
* E2L2 – Fixed collision one of the rotating pillars
* E2L2 – Fixed box poking thru wall
* E2L2 – Fixed bouncy castle secret door
* E2L2 – Fixed being able to fly or rocket jump outside the map
* E2L2 – Fixed out of place brick
* E2L2 – Fixed getting stuck on table in secret area
* E2L2 – Fixed Wall streaming in background
* E2L2 – Fixed Classic music not playing on level end
* E2L2 – Fixed navmesh on balconies
* E2L2 – Changed bouncy castle GAD movement
* E2L2 – Top of lava wall in secret area now deals damage
* E2L2 – Box debris in Blade Runner Part Deux secret now has a texture

* E2L3 – Classic music is now playing properly
* E2L3 – Fixed checkpoint exploit x2
* E2L3 – Fixed Wall collision
* E2L3 – Fixed areas you could get stuck in

* E2L4 – General streaming and cull size optimisations (Performance)
* E2L4 – Prisoners now always get killed by meat grinder
* E2L4 – Fixed area you could get stuck in
* E2L4 – Fixed switches working through walls
* E2L4 – Fixed prisoner cage sounds and switch times
* E2L4 – Fixed boulder rubble
* E2L4 – Final secret can no longer be triggered by flamewall

* E2L5 – Fixed Getting stuck in the walls during phase 2-3 transition
* E2L5 – Fixed chance of two krists spawning.
* E2L5 – Pitch black textures in lower Krist arena
* E2L5 – Fixed issue where standing near Krist woul’nt hurt you

* E3L1 – Backtrack fix
* E3L1 – Made door switch idiot proof
* E3L1 – Fixed Mr Roboto’s wall from exploding too early
* E3L1 – Fixed Mr Roboto’s movement
* E3L1 – Fixed Respawning enemy
* E3L1 – Lowered reverb
* E3L1 – Fixed area you could get trapped
* E3L1 – Third checkpoint: “Excalibat secret” button can no longer be triggered from outside.
* E3L1- Enemies no longer missing upon loading “wonderwall “ checkpoint from overworld
* E3L1- Triad’s no longer getting stuck in door

* E3L2 – Streaming, and other misc Optimisation (Performance)
* E3L2 – Added walkway under GAD Tunnel so players can try again if they fall
* E3L2 – Fixed crates spawning coins
* E3L2 – Fixed unobtainable porridge
* E3L2 – Fixed being able to be stuck in cargo lift
* E3L2 – Fixed prisoner sounds
* E3L2 – Starting water pool no longer reacting odd to moving boxes

* E3L3 – Fixed Guard spawning under glass floor
* E3L3 – Changed door open timers
* E3L3 – Fixed Lava not damaging
* E3L3 – Fixed Checkpoint exploit where you could backtrack with rocket jumping
* E3L3 – Fixed enforcer getting stuck in door
* E3L3 – Fixed areas where you could get stuck between 2 doors
* E3L3 – Fixed area you could get stuck behind crates
* E3L3 – Fixed area you could get stuck behind barriers
* E3L3 – Fixed iffy vent collision

* E3L4 – Fixed Checkpoint exploit where you could backtrack with mercury mode
* E3L4 – Fixed minecart you could get stuck in
* E3L4 – Fixed crane controls from getting bypassed
* E3L4 – Fixed unobtainable porridge

* E3L5 – Fixed areas where you could fly outside of the map
* E3L5 – Fixed moving bazookas
* E3L5 – Fixed area in cave you could get stuck

* E4L2 – Fixed secret counter
* E4L2 – Fixed window you could jump through
* E4L2 – Gold key gate now moves slowly down, so if you get stuck behind it you can get out, the switch increases the gate’s movement time.
* E4L2 – Pistol on balcony moves back and forth

* E4L3 – Fixed Coffin collision
* E4L3 – Fixed getting stuck on blade traps in dog mode
* E4L3 – Fixed lava damage
* E4L3 – Fixed respawning enemies
* E4L3 – Fixed unlit walls
* E4L3 – Fixed global blade sounds
* E4L3 – Fixed boulder damage
* E4L3 – Fixed crusher wall damage
* E4L3 – Fixed Getting stuck below rolling rock trap in secret area

* E4L4 – Fixed secret platform switch
* E4L4 – Fixed secret from being triggered multiple times
* E4L4 – Fixed backtrack issues
* E4L4 – Fixed possible checkpoint exploit

* Secret 1 – Fixed rocket jump exploit
* Secret 1 – Fixed blocking around ankhs
* Secret 2 – Fixed pillar height interfering with jumps
* Secret 4 – Significant optimisation and performance
* Secret 4 – Fixed pistol pickup

* DM1 – Fixed Truck collison, so weapons explode properly
* DM1 – Fixed Rocket jump areas where players could get stuck on central tower and and wooden supports.
* DM1 – Fixed dopefish pool collison
* DM1 – Fixed dopefish pool water decals
* DM2 – Rockets pass through GADs without exploding.
* CTF1 – General Optimisations, removed ~1000 meshes (Performance)
* CTF1 – Fixed blocking volumes so you can’t fly out of the map
* CTF1 – Removed all dynamic actors
* CTF2 – Blocked off areas you could fly out of the map

The wait is over: the first Rise of the Triad update is now live on Steam and GOG.com, including hundreds of fixes, tweaks, optimizations and features requested by the rabid fan community during the first month since release. Said Frederik Schreiber of Interceptor Entertainment: “We are extremely happy about the feedback we have gotten from you guys and we couldn’t have done it without you.” He’s talking about the fans there. Duh.

The team has spent the last month collecting every single bug, tweak and suggestion posted on forums, blogs and websites, in order to create one mega patch. On top of all that, Interceptor has also been working on five brand new multiplayer maps and a map playlist tool — among the most requested features from the community — which are also included in patch 1.1. And it’s all absolutely free, of course.

Watch the brand new trailer, and check out the new screenshots and changelog on our official forum.

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