WBIE Releases Gauntlet E3 Trailer

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, June 8, 2014

E3 might not start until Tuesday, but Warner Bros. has revealed the E3 trailer for Gauntlet. You may remember that this new Gauntlet is currently in development for PC only and is being made by Magicka developer Arrowhead. The gameplay shown in this trailer makes Gauntlet look a little darker than some fans might remember from the Legends days, but the gameplay looks solid and I trust Arrowhead based on how fun Magicka was.

Gauntlet is set to launch as a PC download on September 3rd and will lead the way for the launch of the WB Games Vault, which is Warner Bros. new push for digital download titles featuring IPs they own and acquired from Midway’s demise. Additional details are below.

Elf Needs to Gear Up!

In anticipation of this year’s E3, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE) has unveiled an all new trailer for Gauntlet, the upcoming, modernized reboot of the celebrated arcade dungeon crawler.

The new Gauntlet E3 trailer highlights the game’s Relics system, allowing players to acquire deadly new abilities and unleash ancient powers. The trailer can be viewed here.

Gauntlet will be playable with four-player co-op at E3 this year within the WBIE Booth (South Hall, #2023) and available for PC digital download on September 3 leading the launch of WB Games Vault. Pre-orders are now available through select retailers, with pre-order players receiving a limited-time, exclusive free digital comic — Gauntlet: Darkness Calls — from DC Entertainment, which details the origins of the Gauntlet’s most vile master Morak.

For more information on Gauntlet, please visit: www.Gauntlet.com

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