YURUYURI Season 2 Premium Edition out now!

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, January 12, 2014

NIS America has released their first Premium Edition anime box set of 2014! YuruYuri Season 2 is now available for purchase as a 2 Blu-Ray set that also comes with a hardcover art book. The set retails for $64.99, but if you don’t want a physical copy of the series it is also streaming on Hulu and Crunchyroll. I thought the first season had its moments but didn’t really hit its full potential, and am hoping that the second season will be more enjoyable. Full details below.

Santa Ana, CA (January 7, 2014) – NIS America is happy to announce that YURUYURI Season 2 Premium Edition, the continuance of the charming series starring Akari, Kyoko, Yui, and Chinatsu as the four sole members of their middle school Amusement club, is now available for purchase in North America. Now teamed up with the student council, they continue tackling the extremely “important” issues that present themselves in middle school. YURUYURI Season 2 will be packaged in a highly collectible slipcase, including 2 Blu-ray discs for your viewing pleasure, and a fan-favorite hardcover art book filled with information and detailed artwork from the series.

The title is now available at the following select online retailers: Right Stuf, The Anime Corner Store, Anime Pavilion, and NISA Online Store.


About the show:

With the Amusement club no longer in danger of being broken up by the student council, its members, Akari Akaza, Kyoko Toshino, Yui Funami, and Chinatsu Yoshikawa, can finally focus on amusing themselves. More or less allied with each other, the members of both organizations embark on wacky antics together! Plus, we finally meet the siblings of all these girls as they make the most of their days in middle school!


About the extras:

– Hardcover art book (full color, approx. 36 pages) complete with episode guide, character art, sketches, and promotional art
– Clean opening and ending, B-side episode previews, video art book featurettes (approx. 73 mins)



Shiori Mikami as Akari Akaza (Ixion Saga Dimensional Transfer, Shining Hearts)
Yuka Otsubo as Kyoko Toshino (Ai Mai Mi, Vividred Operation)
Minami Tsuda as Yui Funami (BRAVE 10, Hanasaku Iroha ~ Blossoms for Tomorrow ~, Yuyushiki)
Rumi Okubo as Chinatsu Yoshikawa (Yuyushiki, Pretty Rhythm, Place to Place)


Produced by

Animation: Dogakobo (Myself; Yourself, Koihime Muso)
Director: Masahiko Ohta (Kotoura-san, Mitsudomoe, Minami-ke)


MSRP: $64.99
RELEASE DATE: January 7, 2014
LENGTH: Approx. 286 mins/12 eps
FORMAT: 2 Blu-ray disc set
LANGUAGE: Japanese audio, English subtitles

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