RPG Maker 3 (PS2)

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Monday, September 19, 2005

Its been almost two years since the last time we saw RPG Maker. RPG Maker 2 came out in October of 2003 and wasn’t widely publicized for some reason. Although it was the first time the series had gone into 3D, it was simple almost Lego-like 3D, and that wasn’t necessarily what the people wanted. Now due out for this October, the next installment in the series looks to have a ton of improvements.

First off, the game actually has full 3D now. Obviously you’re not going to be creating a game up to Final Fantasy standards, but you can definitely tell this is a PS2 title, unlike its predecessor. You’ll be able to place tons of objects, and Agetec and Enterbrain have given you plenty of options. Also, RPG Maker 3 has character portraits, so you can give your main characters more of a personality than in past games.

Enterbrain continues to streamline the interface, as it appears RPG Maker 3’s is even easier to use. Essentially you’ll be turning 2D instructions and ideas into 3D objects in the environment, and it is possible to populate an entire town in real-time which is nice. The interface seems to be easy enough for anyone to toy with, but in depth enough that the hardcore RPG fan will feel right at home.

As expected with the series, you can start building your own game immediately or jump into a sample game. This trend continues with a 6 hour bonus game called My Brave Heart, which will definitely be a good way to introduce you to the intricacies of the series.

Are you one of the people who got that hard drive for the Playstation 2 before Sony completely canned it when they introduced the new system model? Well, you might want to give RPG Maker 3 a look as it does support the hard drive, which makes perfect sense when you think about it. For those who don’t, the game will take a whopping 2705 KB from your PS2 memory card, so you might want to go and pick up a new one before the game releases in October.

Everything about RPG Maker 3 appears to have been improved with an emphasis on making the interface even easier to use. The game appears to definitely be on the right track for anyone who wants to make their own adventure. Check it out when it hits the stores in October of this year.

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