101 in 1: Explosive Megamix (DS)

By Steven Marsh

Published on Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Graphics: 5.00
Sound: 1.00
Gameplay: 1.00
Replays: 1.00
Gamelength: 1.00

“101 in 1: Explosive Megamix” for the Nintendo DS is now on store shelves with a single purpose: to drive us all crazy.

This game is not nearly as awesome as it sounds. 101 games jumps out at the average consumer and at first, you might think, just as I did, “WOW! 101 in 1 games on 1 cartridge?! This has got to be a great buy!” Shortly after turning the game on, however, you’ll realize that you just wasted your time and perhaps some hard-earned money. This collection of games is certainly a cop out and a sore attempt at a quick cash-in. I’m curious as to what the developers were thinking when this game was initially created. A collection of 101 30-40 second minigames that just are not fun to play at all for a “low” price? Yeah, right. Anyway, let’s crack this case. It’s time for frustration and boredom as we play around with “101 in 1: Explosive Megamix” for the Nintendo DS.

Graphics are unimportant with this kind of thing, but at least this isn’t an ugly game. Everything reminds me of the Super Nintendo era. It’s an entirely 16-bit collection with very little focus on graphics, so everything is 2D and very nostalgic on the visual front. There’s no such thing as a texture or pixel shader 4.0 in this collection, so there’s just not much else to say about it.

One would think that, with 101 “different” games, the music would actually be varied enough to hold a player’s interest. That’s not the case, apparently, as there are a very small handful of different music tracks, each of which sounds far too similar to the others. The music is enough to drive someone insane, but thankfully that’s what the volume button is for. Aside from that, everything else sounds pretty normal for 16-bit 2D style games.

“101 in 1: Explosive Megamix” is one hell of a title, but it doesn’t live up to that hype. For starters, most of the games feel the same because there just isn’t much variation with the controls. Second, when you turn on the game for the first time, only a handful of games are unlocked. Third, none of those games or the games you unlock are any fun. All of that aside, let’s get into the unlock system. To unlock more games, you have to earn money, which can be done by reaching new high scores in each game. Each time a new score is reached  the bar is raised even higher, but without any curve in difficulty or alteration to the gameplay. This makes the games feel even more uninspired and pointless than they already are. Still, after you earn enough money, you can sort through the seemingly massive list of games and buy whatever you want in any order you wish. After a game is purchased, it’s available for play immediately. Game types range from classic puzzle game knock-offs to extremely boring top-down racing games. Most games only take around half a minute to complete each time, but that feels like both too long and too short of a time. I’d much rather play something like “WarioWare”, for sure, where games tend to last 3-10 seconds each, but are actually fun. This just isn’t a very fun title and your money would best be spent elsewhere. Go treat your best friend out to a buffet or something. Whatever the case, don’t waste your money on this game.

Overall, I’m not really sure what to think. Developers do crazy things these days. In a world filled with collections like this, there’s far better out there.

-The box makes a pretty good coaster.

-All 101 games are boring.
-Soundtrack is mind numbing.
-Far too repetitious.
-Easy enough for my 4 year-old nephew to dominate.

Bottom line:
Avoid this game. Don’t even bother.

Overall Rating: 1.00

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