Air Hockey Adrenaline (PC)

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Graphics: 6.00
Sound: 6.00
Gameplay: 7.00
Replays: 6.50

Lantern Games was established with the intentions of creating fun and simple games that anyone would be able to enjoy. Although they have a whole lineup of games, Cosmos Gaming will only be taking a look at two of them. The first one we have to review is Air Hockey Adrenaline, which is another air hockey themed shareware title. Although it has a few flaws, the core gameplay is certainly solid.

Graphically, the game is extremely simplistic. Now, I realize that this is an independently released title and that they don’t have the biggest budgets, but there are other air hockey games on the market that look better (such as Avalanche Team’s Air Hockey 3D). The graphical components consist of the table, the puck, the two mallets, and a background. All of this looks fine, although the background around the table is a little bit too blurry. Thankfully, everything moves at a fast pace and the game doesn’t lag, so that makes up for it. The soundtrack is decent as well, and the few tracks in the game won’t get on your nerves.

Air Hockey Adrenaline has two modes of play: single-player and multiplayer. Multiplayer is for two players only and seems to be for LAN only, but if you have a friend over and networked computers, this would definitely be a fun diversion. But for everyone else, your time will be spent in the single-player mode. There are eight characters to face off against, and they must be unlocked one after the other. Each of these characters has a different hand drawn appearance, which injects some personality into the game. The AI is actually pretty decent, and the later characters will challenge players for a decent amount of time.

This title accomplishes exactly what it wanted to, and that is to provide a compelling air hockey experience. Although the title has a limited amount of content, it will still provide a few hours of fun for those that check it out. Air Hockey Adrenaline doesn’t seem like it is the best title that Lantern Games has to offer, but it certainly shows that the team knows how to make a well put together shareware title. The shareware scene has had better air hockey titles, and in the end, Air Hockey Adrenaline is merely just competent.

Overall Rating: 6.50

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