Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PS3)

By Moe Rantala

Published on Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Graphics: 10.00
Sound: 10.00
Gameplay: 10.00
Environs: 10.00
Replays: 10.00
Gamelength: 10.00

For the first time, Call of Duty moves away from World War II, and unleashes an onslaught of action.

Call of Duty 4 is, simply put, amazing. The game centers around two main characters, Sergeant Paul Jackson, and Sergeant John “Soap” MacTavish. As you play through the game you must complete the missions that those two are assigned to. The single player missions are rather straight forward, but there are multiple ways to accomplish each objective. There are multiple difficulty levels, and the very first stage of the game determines which difficulty level you should choose. The single player is great, and the plot is just amazing. The ending will leave you dumbfounded for a while, and there’s a little surprise after the credits. After you beat a level, the game records which difficulty level you beat that level on, and you can replay it on a different difficulty if you so wish to. Enemy intel is scattered all over the place, and once you beat the game, if you have enough intel you’ll unlock some cheats. The replay value of the single player campaign is good enough, however the multiplayer is truly where the game shines. Like many FPS, there are classes, each with their own special properties and weapons, however you can also create your own class. As you get kills, and win matches, you gain experience points which allow you to level up and unlock new weapons and perks. Perks are extra properties that give your character special abilities, such as more health, the ability to penetrate through thicker objects, and so on. There are also challenges you can do, such as getting 20 kills with a certain weapon, or getting 10 headshots with another one, and these exist for all weapons that you can obtain. Completing each challenge unlocks a new part for that weapon, and/or bonus experience points. There are several multiplayer modes, although there could be room for more. Something that adds a little unique flavor to both the single and multiplayer mode is the addition of being able to shoot through thin walls, wood, and other objects that you find cover behind. There is a huge difference now, between cover and concealment, as a wooden wall isn’t going to stop the enemy’s small machine gun.

The graphics of Call of Duty 4 are just incredible. Even on an SD tv, the graphics shine, and are just absolutely incredible. One of the first levels, when you’re on a ship, has constant rainfall, and it just looks goregous. You can see each individual rain drop, and it’s just stunning. The sounds are also incredible, and the voice acting is superb. The music definitely gets your blood pumping, and every gunshot and explosion sounds crisp and real. If you get caught with a flash bang grenade, all you will hear is a solid beep, and all you will see is a white screen. Both your vision and hearing will slowly return to normal, and the way in which it happens is just incredible.

Call of Duty 4 is an amazing game. It definitely shows off what the next gen consoles can do, and honestly if you haven’t played it, go pick it up. It’s just that good.

Overall Rating: 10.00

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