Deca Sports 2 (Wii)

By Steven Marsh

Published on Thursday, October 15, 2009

Graphics: 6.00
Sound: 6.50
Gameplay: 1.00
Replays: 1.00
Gamelength: 2.00

“Deca Sports 2” is yet another collection of minigames for the Nintendo Wii, but is it really worth choosing over something else?

With all sorts of minigame collections out there, it’s hard to recommend one over the other. Aside from the highly addictive first party titles, most of the collections out there generally feel the same, just with slight variations based on the particular theme theme. It goes without saying that this game has a sports theme, although some of the games don’t exactly feel like sports. So, if you’re ready for yet another collection of sports-themed minigames for the Nintendo Wii, get out your Wiimote and play for a while in this sequel, appropriately titled “Deca Sports 2”.

Visually, this game doesn’t differ much from the original. Sure, the characters look a little bit more like Miis this time around and players can even create teams with their Miis, but otherwise, the game is still very standard. The framerate still seems to vary here and there, but otherwise, there’s not much to it. Almost everything is overexaggerated a little bit, but that’s it.

Much like the original title, the same upbeat electronic style of music is everywhere. It surely is odd hearing eurobeat tunes while playing sports, but hey, I’m not complaining! Aside from the music, there’s not much sound to speak of. General sound effects are as fine as one would expect, though.

This game looked very promising, even though the original game had annoying controls. With a lineup that includes dodgeball, ice hockey, tennis, ptanque, road racing, speed skating, darts, kendo, swimming and mogul skiing, this is one heck of an abnormal collection of games. Still, one can’t help but be curious with such an odd lineup. That’s almost completely where the fun ends, though. As soon as the game is placed into the Wii console, the fun is over. So, why is the game so terrible? Well, the biggest faw of “Deca Sports 2” is clearly the control scheme. After selecting something from the simplistic menus, the terror begins. No matter which game is selected, it feels as though there was absolutely no effort put into testing the game. The biggest problem is the overall responsiveness, which appears to be non-existent. Every single action seems to have a massive delay and at times, simply wont work at all without several repetitions of the same Wiimote action. Despite the terrible control scheme and the overall difficulty of the game, there’s a lot of content, including online play in the event that you can find someone to play with. Tournaments and challenges are the primary modes, but there are also leagues and the basic exhibition modes. The modes vary from single player up to 4 players, but it’s a wonder why anyone would ever play this game without at least one very forgiving friend. Even then, it’s an almost entirely unplayable experience and in my own opinion, the game should be recalled for quality testing and re-shipped next year.

Overall, I have to question the developers on this one. What happened, guys? Did you even test this game?

-Game selection is varied and fairly unique.
-Addition of Miis is a welcome addition.
-Online play is cool when it works.

-Graphics are average at best.
-Wiimote controls are as bad as it gets.
-Online play rarely works.
-Gets old very fast.

Bottom line:
I highly recommend staying away from this game. I wanted to like it, but it just didn’t make the cut. If you’re in need of a fun minigame collection, stick to the first party titles for the time being.

Overall Rating: 1.00

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