DragonBall: Origins (DS)

By Amanda Randolph

Published on Monday, February 23, 2009

Graphics: 9.00
Sound: 8.00
Gameplay: 9.00
Replays: 8.00
Gamelength: 8.00

Go back to the beginning of Dragonball, in this handheld game brought to you by Atari.

Playing as Son Goku, you help Bulma on her quest to retrieve the DragonBalls and awaken the Dragon. Fight powerful enemies using Goku’s Ki attacks, extending Bo and with a little help from Bulma.

The game keeps the classic style of Akira Toriyama, rendered in a cartoon-like 3-D. The colors are vibrant and rendered very smooth. The characters have beautifully expressive faces, and charming body language. The animation is solid and smooth for the most part. The back grounds are as colorful and cartoon-like as the characters, with just enough detail. Small details, such as wind from Goku’s Bo or smoke from the Capsule, make the game extremely graphically appealing.

The music is fun a quirky, it reminded me a bit of old-style video game music, with how bouncy and upbeat it was. The music does change with the characters moods and expressions, which is fun. The sound effects are very good, connecting with the characters motions in a realistic way. The only issue, is the dubbing of the characters voice, the music over powered them, and they come out a little raspy and abrupt.

The game play is smooth and very easy to use. You will use the stylus for most of your actions. Tutorials are played out along the way, making this a very easy game for the younger crowd to play and enjoy. The fighting system is one of the easiest I have seen in hand held games, with combos easily performed with small taps of the stylus, and with easy timing so as not to feel rushed by the game. Enemies can become a challenge though, so remembering all the special moves is a big help.

DragonBall: Origins would be a fun game for younger teens or fans of the Akira Toriyama series. The game is extremely simple, so other much more advanced gamers may not enjoy it.

Overall Rating: 8.50

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