Family Party: 30 Great Games (Wii)

By Steven Marsh

Published on Sunday, February 8, 2009

Graphics: 5.00
Sound: 6.00
Gameplay: 9.00
Replays: 9.00
Gamelength: 6.00

D3Publisher brings yet another collection of minigames to the Nintendo Wii with the budget title release of “Family Party: 30 Great Games”.

The Nintendo Wii has become the central minigame station worldwide and while that might come off as a bad thing, it’s far from that. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Minigame collections are addictive, fun and meant for people of all ages and skill levels. Those collections have made the Wii as popular as it is, even right down to “Wii Fit”, which is just a minigame collection with a special (overpriced) controller. Nothing sells faster than small, addictive, casual games and that’s exactly what this is: a collection of those casual games. Round up your friends and family, set up the Wii in the family room and get ready for a good time with “Family Party: 30 Great Games”.

I wasn’t expecting very much, so I wasn’t exactly disappointed, but the visuals in this game are very basic. They’re intentionally very poor and not very fluid in some cases, there’s no Mii support and the characters look absurd, but the graphics do the job just fine for all intents and purposes. Despite the very terrible textures, all of the important things look well enough. People probably wouldn’t have a reason to really complain, to be perfectly honest and especially at this price point, it’s not that bad.

Sound quality isn’t something I’d expect to be outstanding in a collection of casual minigames, so again I’m not disappointed, but that doesn’t mean that this game sounds terrible, either. For the most part, the sounds are crisp, clear and loud. It’s never a problem to hear anything, from the varying background music tracks to the quirky little voices that pop up every now and then. Just like the graphics, the sound effects and music suffice just fine for what this game is.

It’s a wonder how companies can get away with selling a collection like this for $20, but I guess with development costs so low, they can make a killing with such low price points. People buy things like this up in a second and I know I sure would. This is, in essence, a very standard and somewhat generic collection of casual games built around the idea of 4 player “family” fun. They range in theme from shooting to sports and they’re all very easy to pick up and play for anyone of all ages. My 4 year-old nephew had no problem learning how to play most games, just to give you an idea. He particularly loves the sporty games, while my 6 year-old niece prefers the simplicity and reflexive action of the shooting games. There are 30 games in total with a few unlockable Avatar costumes to be found, but there’s no online play and honestly, the game is very barebones. There’s not a whole lot to it, aside from local leaderboards. You pretty much pick a game, choose how many players you want going at it and just play until you’re content. The minigames include everything from shooting laser UFOs to obstacle courses and spinning plates. There’s something for just about everyone here and as short as these games are, they’ll keep just about any player coming back for more time and time again. At $20, this is a worthy addition to any Wii owner’s party game collection.

Overall, I think people should keep on doing their minigame thing. This is a great way of bringing people together and so long as there are things that haven’t been converted into Wii minigames yet, there’s always room for more collections. Keep up the good work!

-Plenty of variety for all types of players.
-Family and child friendly.
-Every game is playable with up to 4 players.
-Some of the most addictive appeal yet on the cheap minigame collection side of things.
-Easy to learn the controls for every single game on the disc.

-I would complain about a few things, but for $20, I’ll let some things go.
-Online play would have been a nice inclusion via direct connection.

Bottom Line:
It’s a $20 collection with 30 full minigames and complete 4 player support in every single game. For anyone with an interested family, group of friends or even active children, this is a terrific buy.

Overall Rating: 8.00

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