Inago Rage (PC)

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Graphics: 7.00
Sound: 8.00
Gameplay: 7.00
Replays: 8.00

There have been many games on the market to feature level editors. The PC is a prime tool for creating and sharing new levels and items for some of the most popular games out there. However, there’s never been a game that was truly designed with the intention of player created levels using the level editor (it’s always been an extra feature). In steps Inago Rage, which has a robust map creation system, and a unique single player experience.

Let it be said right now, that if you’re expecting UT2004 quality graphics, you’re likely to be disappointed. That’s not to say that Inago doesn’t look good though. The game has a Tron like vibe to it, in that everything seems to resemble that type of environment. Levels are designed for boosting, and this is great as you have a rocket pack available. All of the enemies in the game are relatively simple (some are shaped almost like pyramids while other’s resemble other shapes). However, there are literally dozens and dozens of enemies on the screen at certain times, which definitely makes up for it. Overall, it is a nice look that is pleasing to the eyes.

Few downloadable games feature robust soundtracks, but Inago bucks the trend by featuring an interesting techno mix. Unlike other games, the techno soundtrack in this game actually has full lyrics, which adds variety to it and boosts it above the rest. Sound effects are relatively minimal, but thankfully the aforementioned background music keeps the pace up, and helps keep the game fresh.

Gameplay is relatively simple, but remains addicting throughout. Using the left mouse button, players can shoot at enemies (you essentially have one weapon but can get triple-fire power-ups to help you). With the right mouse button, you can use your rocket booster to jump/hover above the levels for a limited time (you must let it recharge afterwards before continuing). And, that’s about it. There are essentially two types of levels. You either a) shoot enemies until you gain the score necessary to complete the level, or b) collect enough diamonds until you gain the score necessary to complete the level. As simple as this may sound, it is still fun and provided a lot of entertainment.

Thankfully, the map editor is as robust as promised. You can control everything in the level, and can either start from a template or start completely from scratch. The editor allows you to easily drag and drops every element of a level into place, from the player starting point to where enemies spawn in a level. It’s easy to use so anyone can make an interesting level quickly and effectively.

Dejobaan sure has a sense of humor. The single-player campaign revolves around game programmers and things that happen based on the levels within the game. It’s hilarious (told by comic book style panels), and definitely keeps you interested and motivated throughout. It’s also fairly long, and you’ll want to play through it just to see what crazy thing happens next.

Inago Rage is unique and fun, and offers plenty of replayablity as not only can you design your own levels, but you can download additional levels through Dejobaan’s website. One disappointing aspect of the game is that it offers no form of multiplayer. A game of this type screams for this type of capability, but shockingly Inago Rage offers nothing. It also seems just a little bit pricy at $34.95 for the full version. Ultimately though, if you have an interest in FPS’ it’s worth a look. You may not find it worth the full price of admission, but at the very least you can get plenty of fun out of the demo. The full version and demo can be gotten from

Overall Rating: 7.50

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