Left Behind: Eternal Forces (PC)

By Steven Marsh

Published on Saturday, April 19, 2008

Graphics: 5.00
Sound: 5.00
Gameplay: 3.50
Replays: 3.00
Gamelength: 5.00

Left Behind Games has unleashed the rapture onto computers everywhere in the form of “Left Behind: Eternal Forces” and it’s enough to turn even the most faithful away.

Before I even begin to talk about the game itself, I want to throw in the following disclaimer: Do not assume that this game is terrible just because the concept is based on biased religious beliefs. Regardless of your own personal beliefs and background, this is a video game and as such, it should be treated like one. I’ve never liked the books and I most certainly am not a man of religious foundation. That said, take a seat, prop your feat up and join me on my journey to New York City to the post-rapture world in “Left Behind: Eternal Forces”.

There’s a story to be told here, but honestly it’s pretty terrible. In short, the rapture happened and there’s basically a war of sorts going on between Christians and non-Christians of various styles. You, the main character, are “Buck”, who feels randomly compelled to go to New York and do God’s bidding. Throughout the journey, all you’ll really be doing is converting people to Christianity and smiting those of “Anti-Faith”. The story is enough to keep the game together, but even the most religious players are more than likely going to be put off by it at some point or another.

Visually, “Left Behind: Eternal Forces” isn’t very appealing. The landscapes are very repetitious and textures are (mostly) bland. The shadows and lighting are tolerable, but otherwise everything looks as though it should have been designed back in the 2001-2002 era. It’s pretty disappointing, considering some of the screenshots, the website and even the box art make the graphics look better than they really are.

Everyone appreciates good sound quality, but that’s another thing you wont find here. From the terrible voice acting to the generic sound effects and overused gospel music, not a single track or sound effect stands out. It certainly wont destroy your ears, but most people aren’t going to be very happy with the sound quality in “Left Behind: Eternal Forces”.

For an RTS, this game does a poor job of creating an action-oriented atmosphere. Most of your time will be spent converting people to Christianity at the touch of a button and praying. The game works as follows: You build stuff (such as churches and banks), convert people to soldiers/healers/singers and eventually smite the opposing forces. There’s an emphasis on gunplay later on in the story, but it’s pretty generic and in some ways it even feels out of place. This is more of a social game that seems to be attempting a worldwide brainwash with the hopes of converting people to the Christian faith. I have no problem with each person believing what he or she wishes, but a lot of things in this game, such as the “Evolution Theory” screens just make this game seem like one big attempt to convert everyone. I’m assuming that the gameplay is pretty terrible because of the focus on that said Christian empowerment, but that’s no excuse to waste hard-earned money and time of gamers worldwide. Shame on you, “Left Behind Games”.

Overall, I don’t think anyone should support a game that’s trying to force everyone to believe one thing over another. Let people believe what they want to believe. If someone wants to check out the Christian faith, they can find a church around almost any corner in the USA.

-If you’re given this game for free and you disregard the story, it might be fun for an hour or 2.

-Bland graphics.
-Overused sound effects and music tracks.
-Forces Christian beliefs upon the player.
-Boring combat.

Bottom Line:
I personally am against supporting a game that forces religion upon the player to the degree of this game. If you really want to buy this game, do so with an open mind, but do yourself a favor and skip the “essay” screens, weblinks and other ridiculous jumble.

Overall Rating: 4.50

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