Marvel Trading Card Game (PSP)

By Moe Rantala

Published on Sunday, August 5, 2007

Graphics: 9.00
Sound: 7.00
Gameplay: 8.00
Replays: 9.00
Gamelength: 8.00

Marvel battles, card style, in this incredible game.

The Marvel Trading Card Game is great.  When you first start out, you can choose to play as either the villains or the heroes.  Depending on your choice, you get to play through a different story.  When you enter battle, you go through different phases.  There’s the phase where you obtain resources by sacrificing a card to the resource pit, there’s the recruit phase, where you can recruit character cards, and the formation, battle, and recovery phases.  Every character card has a cost, attack, and defense points.  In order to recruit a character, you must have enough resources to meet the cost of the character.  There are also Plot Twist and Location cards.  Plot Twists can alter a character’s stats, abilities, or even remove a character off the map completely.  Locations are more permanent, and tend to give slightly better enhancements (in many cases).  In battle, both sides get to attack, and when two characters attack each other, both sides have a chance to take damage to their endurance points.  When one side has 0 or less endurance points, they lose.  This is all there really is to a match.  Of course, when you win you are rewarded with points which allow you to purchase booster packs in the shop.

The graphics are pretty good, every card has a picture from one of the comic books that it’s from, and the trivia tidbits are very nice as well.  Every scene in the game is in the form of a movie, and they look absolutely fantastic.  They’re great, and you can skip it if you want, but they’re really just too good to pass up.  The sound is good as well, there’s some GREAT music to the game.  There aren’t really all that great of sound effects as far as attack the enemies go, but the music makes it worth while.

In any case, it’s a very fun game, and it has a large, large replayability factor.

Overall Rating: 8.00

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