Multiwinia (PC)

By Steven Marsh

Published on Saturday, September 27, 2008

Graphics: 8.00
Sound: 6.00
Gameplay: 9.50
Replays: 9.00
Gamelength: 8.00

Introversion’s latest entry to everyone’s favorite cyber world is finally here with the release of “Multiwina” for the PC and, no surprise at all, it’s an incredibly fun game.

“Multiwinia” is a pseudo-sequel to “Darwinia” based almost completely on the concept of online play. With that in mind, it’s fairly obvious that not much effort was put into the single player component of the game and as such, there’s practically no story. Newcomers to the series will most definitely be clueless as to exactly why they’re waging a war of sorts in a crazy worlds with stick figure-like characters, but that’s not a reason to push this game aside by any means. This is truly an addictive, fun title that almost any casual gamer can enjoy. Come with me to the world of the Multiwinians, where we will witness a definitive battle for survival of the fittest in “Multiwinia” for the PC.

I’m no 3D artist, but it doesn’t take a genius to know that “Multiwinia” is a fairly attractive game. From a technical standpoint, it really isn’t all that impressive, but that doesn’t make this game ugly at all. There’s an intentional oldschool style in place, which has been jacked up with nice lighting effects, a very steady frame rate and plenty of graphical filters. This game will no doubt turn off anyone looking for the latest cutting edge visuals, but I’m confident that most players will enjoy the fairly fresh visual experience.

There’s nearly no music in the game, aside from very relaxing music throughout the user interfave and weird noises when the Futurwinians show up, but that just gives the player more reason to jack up their favorite tunes via another source and get immersed in the action even more. As for the sound effects, they’re standard fare for such an arcadey game and they do what they’re supposed to do. I’m satisfied, although a bit of in-game music would have been a nice touch to helps set the atmospheric tone a bit more.

“Multiwinia” is easily the most fast-paced and simplified RTS in the modern world, but it’s also a very addictive experience. Each match consists of a specific objective type and a simple “point and click” control scheme. There are 6 match types, both online and offline, which are as follows: Domination, King Of The Hill, Capture The Statue, Assault, Rocket Riot and Blitzkrieg. Each mode plays the same exact way, but the overall goal and in some cases, pace, changes. In the single player game, each match type has a submenu with it’s own handful of missions, giving players over 40 full levels of play offline. It takes a good while to actually finish all of the missions, but there’s not much reason to do so other than good old-fashioned fun, which is certainly fine by me. There are a number of advanced options available before each match begins which include Score Mode, Time Limit, Handicap, Crate Drop Period, Starting Powerups, Retribution Mode, Sudden Death, Crate Drop Mode and Basic Creates Only. Those advanced options and the easy, normal and hard AI settings allow “Multiwinia” to be as newbie-friendly or as difficult as any player could possibly want. On top of the nice set of options and various missions, there’s also a thorough tutorial that could potentially turn any newcomer into a pro in a matter of minutes. So even with the lack of any depth or back story, the single player is an incredibly good time. However, online multiplayer is where this game excels. The modes, missions and options are all identical to that of the single player game, but the replay value is absolutely endless because every match is completely different. Players are much more fun to play against when compared to the drone-like AI, which is the one true advantage of the multiplayer. And the best part? Each player has his or her own basic style, but because the game is so dumbed down, just about anyone still stands a chance of winning any online match, so long as everyone is paying attention. “Multiwinia” is a sure-set way to waste a few hours on any given day without even noticing how much time has passed. In short, this game rocks.

Overall, Introversion has done a great thing with “Multiwinia” and I’m actually surprised, considering how simple this game really is at it’s core. I’ll most certainly keep coming back for more. I just hope there’s a chance that they’ll add new maps or maybe even new modes in the future. This game will truly live forever if that’s the case.

-Refreshing and somewhat unique visuals.
-Wide array of options for each match.
-Plenty of people to play with online.
-Good amount of single player missions.

-Practically no music.
-Potentially too simple for hardcore RTS fans.
-Story is almost non-existent.

Bottom Line:
Many people will find something to love here, but if you’re a serious fan of the RTS genre and you require a lot of depth, this game isn’t for you.

Overall Rating: 8.50

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