Puppytron (PC)

By Xi Lin

Published on Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Graphics: 5.00
Sound: 5.00
Gameplay: 7.00
Replays: 3.00

Puppytron is the simplest of games. Shoot other robots as they mindlessly try to destroy you. The game controls can be reminiscent of Smash TV on SNES. The WASD buttons are to navigate around the screen and the arrow buttons are to shoot each their respective directions. The game is a great time killer, or to play when taking a short break from homework or in between conversations on IM. The game automatically pauses when you minimize the screen or another window pops up.

The enemy fodder upgrades with each level progression. They’ll get bigger, faster, and will start shooting back. After killing some enemies, power ups are dropped. Power ups include more health, faster shooting speed, and more shooting power. However, you’ll have to choose between speed and power. If you pick up a speed power up, you’ll lose power. Lucky for you, shoot the power up to cycle to the power up that best benefits you.

The graphics in the game are very simplified and happy, fits very well within the game’s theme. The little characters are all cartoon robots, the explosions are exploding pixels, all this happening over a bland black background. The style of the graphics make it a hard one to create backgrounds for, but just seeing your characters run around in a black screen does get dull.

There isn’t any background music, but rather just ambient sound. The sound effects for the shooting is rather annoying “klak klak” sound. The other sound effects are typical explosions and laser sounds.

The game does keep track of the score and will upload your score to compare to others in the internet. The game play and over simplified graphics on a black screen does get old after a few games. This isn’t one for those who can’t handle a game without any graphical intensity. If you’re looking a good clean simple time killer, Puppytron is for you.


Overall Rating: 5.00

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