Ready 2 Rumble Revolution (Wii)

By Steven Marsh

Published on Thursday, March 26, 2009

Graphics: 7.00
Sound: 3.00
Gameplay: 1.00
Replays: 1.00
Gamelength: 1.00

Atari has decided to bite the bullet and publish the latest game in a series that people just don’t care much about anymore with the release of “Ready 2 Rumble Revolution” for the Nintendo Wii.

The original “Ready 2 Rumble” games were great fun for a short while and even though it’s not a highly well-known or popular series, it’s always at least been credible for the sheer fun factor alone. However, 10tacle Studios has managed to completely mess the entire concept up with poorly implemented boxing controls that are so terrible, you’ll want to snap the game disc in half.

As bad as this game is, the graphics are still pretty good. There are tons of shiny special effects and as stupid as the character design may be, the character models are very polished. There aren’t any very notable graphical deficiencies, so at least there’s one good thing about this game.

I don’t even want to think about the terrible audio of this game. The music is terrible, voices are garbage and there’s simply nothing that pleases the ears, at all.

Where this game fails, it really freakin’ fails. Aside from the graphics, nothing about this game is good. There’s not an ounce of fun to be had. Even the minigames are stupid and pointless. See, the controls are good on paper. There’s a lot of motion sensing utilization that would be awesome if it actually worked. The issue is that none of these controls are ever responsive enough to actually make the game the fun experience it’s intended to be. The only controls that are easy to pull off are the standard left and right jabs, which require you to shake the Wiimote or nunchuck; nothing more. Special movies and minigame controls simply don’t work. Nearly never will you get this game to do exactly what you want it to and it’s absolutely mind boggling. The rest of the game isn’t even worth a look because of the stupid controls, but you have the option to create your own character from a basic selection of body parts. You can also boost your character’s attributes in the event that you can eve successfully complete a minigame, which helps out a whole lot. Aside from that, there’s really just a bunch of unlockable clothing for your custom characters to use. None of those potentially fun things even have a remote chance of standing out because this game just doesn’t work. I hope they issue a recall, refund people their money, fix the game and then give us the option to play a new, refined version later odwn the road. Honestly, I’m tempted to check myself into a mental asylum for a brief period of time after having played this game. No one should be subject to such torture. This game should be used as a method of torture during interrogation.

Overall, I don’t even see the point in this game. Unless the controls are ever refined, this is an absolute pile of garbage.

-Minigames would actually be fun if they could be played properly.
-The game has a hilarious overlaying theme.
-Graphics are pretty good.
-Framerate is solid.
-Custom characters are a basic, but fun addition.

-Terrible sound.
-Absolutely maddening and unresponsive controls.

Bottom Line:
Don’t even bother with this game. Brainwash yourself and try to forget that this game ever existed.

Overall Rating: 1.00

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