Resistance: Retribution (PSP)

By Steven Marsh

Published on Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Graphics: 10.00
Sound: 7.00
Gameplay: 8.00
Replays: 8.50
Gamelength: 7.50

The first PSP venture in Sony’s flagship FPS, and now TPS series, “Resistance: Retribution” has made quite a good first impression.

Since the PS3’s conception, “Resistance: Fall of Man” was widely talked about. When it was released, it took gamers by surprise worldwide as being the first decent game for Sony’s newest console. People loved it and for quite some time, it had a very large community of players online. Many people found the story to be an interesting, even if unoriginal tale that rewrote history as we know it. The same thing happened when the sequel was released and now, it’s happening all over again with this PSP exclusive third title that bridges the first two games together and adds a bit more substance to the back story. Get ready for a third trip into the past. Today, we’re rewriting history yet again in “Resistance: Retribution” for the Sony PSP.

As far as the PSP goes, the graphics are absolutely amazing. There are very few games that look this good for Sony’s handheld console. There’s high grade lighting, fairly realistic shadows and some o the highest grade textures I’ve ever seen on the PSP. Characters in-game all look fairly realistic, as well, so there’s not really anything to complain about on the visual front. This is as good as it gets.

The music is all fitting, but nothing spectacular or completely unique. Guns don’t sound very realistic and while the voice actors do an okay job, the overall quality of the sound just isn’t as good as I’d expect from a first party title. It’s definitely not terrible, but I feel that Sony could have done better in this department.

This is a game that doesn’t feel very new, but despite that, it just does everything so well that the lack of originality has no real impact. Once you’ve started playing, the goal is always very simple: Get from point A to point B in one piece. There are minuscule objectives along the way, but the majority of the game is spent diving into and out of cover while you destroy a bunch of enemies. There’s a mild amount of exploration, which is utilized mostly for the sake of finding a few secrets here and there, but the game is mostly a straight shot to the end. The control scheme does a lot to help this game stand out from the other PSP shooters, though. Aside from the basic PSP third-person shooter control layout, there’s a built-in auto aim function that’s designed to make up for the lack of a good joystick setup. Truth be told, this auto aim feature is what saves this game from mere mediocrity. The developers did a wonderful job of balancing out the combat and opponent AI, so the game isn’t excessively easy, but it’s still a much more enjoyable experience by comparison to most other PSP first or third-person shooters. Aside from this very basic, but fun single player campaign, there’s a nice online multiplayer mode that doesn’t feel “Tacked on”. Up to 8 players can face off online and as far as the PSP goes, this is the most fun I’ve had in an online shooter. Fans of the genre are likely to keep this a part of their collection, unless, of course, something better comes along in the future.

Overall, Sony did a good job, but there’s definitely a lot of room for improvement and potential innovation.

-Fantastic graphics.
-Online is lag-free and very fun.
-Single player campaign is lengthy and never dull.
-Auto aiming has been tweaked perfectly for the PSP.

-Still designed to be like every other third-person shooter.
-Some features require a PS3 and “Resistance 2” in order to unlock them.

Bottom line:
Whether you own a PS3 or not and even if you’ve skipped the other games in the series, this is a sure-set way to kill a good amount of time and put your PSP to use. I highly recommend this game to PSP owners worldwide.

Overall Rating: 8.50

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