Wanted: Weapons of Fate (360)

By Steven Marsh

Published on Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Graphics: 7.00
Sound: 5.00
Gameplay: 5.00
Replays: 1.00
Gamelength: 1.00

GRIN unleashes the sequel to one of the biggest hit movies of 2008, “Wanted: Weapons of Fate”.

This game is the sequel to last years movie, “Wanted”. “Wanted” was a great movie, despite the ridiculous concept of curving bullets and I surely thought that it would make for a decent video game design. I was very, very wrong. This wouldn’t even make a decent movie. Not only is the ending absolutely terrible, but the game is a mere 3 hours long and it’s about as fun as “Ball in a cup”. Load your gun and prepare for a crash course in curving bullets as we join Wesley on his quest to stop The Immortal, once and for all in “Wanted: Weapons Of Fate” for the Xbox 360.

When I played the demo a few weeks before the release of the final product, I was sorely disappointed. That, however, was fixed up quite a bit. While this game doesn’t reach any new ground, it’s definitely not ugly. The lighting and shadows are majorly improved from the demo version and the environments are varied, regardless of how linear they may be. Character models are standard fare actor-based designs, although facial movements are a bit less realistic by comparison to other games out there.

A game like this pretty much needs a good soundtrack to hold the action together, which is why this game is an epic failure in the sound department. At times, the game tricks you into thinking that there’s this awesome song about to kick in and rock the house, but no, it just never does. Instead, you’re left feeling unsatisfied while you curve bullets into the skulls of hundreds of random opponents without a single good beat to match. It could just be me, but I need a good beat to get into the groove when I’m killing things in a game like this. Even though the music is lacking, I gotta’ give credit where it’s due. The voice acting is top notch, utilizing the talent of those who starred in the movie for the most part. The guns don’t sound very realistic, though, so the voice acting is just about the only positive mark in the sound category.

The majority of the game is pretty simple. After you select your difficulty, you’re immediately thrown into the action. Using the standard third-person controls with a bullet-curving twist, players are literally sent through dozens of linear areas to kill a bunch of enemies, a few bosses and hopefully bring down The Immortal. The only difference between this game and even old games like “Max Payne”or “John Woo’s Stranglehold” is the bullet curving technique. When unlocked, you can simply target someone, like the curve up and let go of the button for some serious damage. There are two other special abilities, but of the two, only one is any different. The similar ability is an explosive shot, which sends multiple bullets at a single target, creating a fairly large explosion with high damage output to anyone standing nearby. The third and final ability is not unlike the classic “Bullet time” mechanic. When hiding behind an object, simply press the “Y” button while holding the left analog stick in the direction of another piece of cover and you’ll move in slow-mo with your gun(s) drawn for a few seconds. Those abilities may seem pretty cool, but they get old very fast, especially considering how often you’re damn near required to use them in order to survive, not to mention the time consuming slow-mo animation that goes off far too often when you curve bullets. Other than those abilities, the game is as simplistic as it gets. Move between cover, gun down enemies, move on to the next level. There’s no reason to replay this game and for whatever reason, there’s no online play, which could have actually been a really fun component with the bullet curving mechanics. Top that off with a short length of 3 hours on the standard difficulty the first time through the game and you’ll probably feel like you just threw some of your money away if you buy this game. Novice players may reach a maximum of around 5 hours, but you’d have to be trying to die a lot in order to hit that milestone. The only cool feature is the unlockable boss characters, as well as the ability to unlock “Cross”. All of them are playable characters, although they’re no different from Wesley. It’s more like a different outfit/skin. Ultimately, this is a really disappointing game that had a lot of potential. Maybe DLC will save this game from the inevitable bargain bin, but otherwise, look for a $10-20 price tag sometime in the very near future.

Overall, I don’t really understand how the game turned out so bad. The lack of online play and the extremely short single player with no sort of co-op to be found is just mind-numbing.

-Graphics are majorly improved from the demo.
-Curving bullets is fun for a level or two.
-Story is a direct continuation of the movie.
-Great voice acting.

-$60 is way, way too much for this.
-No online play.
-No local co-op.
-3 hours long.
-Terrible soundtrack.

Bottom line:
You’d have to be crazy to waste your money on this game if you’ve read any of the reviews. Honestly, I think other critics were being too easy on this game. Avoid it at all costs unless you want an easy 300-400 gamerscore, in which case a quick rental would be a decent idea.

Overall Rating: 3.00

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