The Wolf Among Us: Season 1, Episode 2 – “Smoke and Mirrors”

By Chip Tamplin

Published on Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Wolf Among Us’ first episode, “Faith”, was absolutely fantastic. It managed to take a bold new look at not both narrative and our perceptions of fairy tale characters. Their modernization of fables, coupled with their noir-artistic style really drew me in. We know that Telltale Games can put together one hell of a story; The Walking Dead has proven that.

After the events of “Faith”, Bigby is struggling with the loss of a friend. He’s being questioned for their murder when Crane intervenes to break him out. As you progress through “Smoke and Mirrors”, there will be plenty of chances for you to get answers. While there were certainly some great choices to be made in “Faith”, some of the circumstances you’ll find yourself in in “Smoke and Mirrors” feel like they’ll have very reaching consequences on the remainder of the season.


Being a criminal justice major in college, the investigative aspects of The Wolf Among Us have certainly been some of the most fun I’ve had with the series so far. In “Smoke and Mirrors” there will be two crime scenes to sift through, piecing together evidence to connect the dots. This will lead you to a major plot twist and leave you salivating for episode 3 – “A Crooked Mile”.

You’ll also be introduced to a slew of new characters including Georgie – a repugnant strip club owner and pimp with a willful disregard for everyone around him. You’ll have an exciting integration scene with him, allowing you to go as hands on as you want. After playing through this encounter both ways, the hands on was certainly more satisfying, even if it wasn’t in keeping with how I normally play through the game.


What truly stands out to me about The Wolf Among Us, is its ability to let you play through each episode in a number of different ways. Similar to the style of Bioware’s RPG’s, you can go in as a gentle, caring individual or an insatiable asshole. The way the story is affected by each is certainly fun to watch and plays out quite nicely. I love being able to play once though as each kind of character and get the full range of what Bigby’s character is capable of. With each episode we see Bigby trying desperately to cling to his humanity. But how much longer will he be able to?


While the story dragged a bit until the twist at the end, it’s still safe to say that The Wolf Among Us is building towards something big. We don’t know what that is yet, but like other adventure games, I’d say it’s safe to assume that it’ll happen. I hope “A Crooked Mile” has a longer run time (“Smoke and Mirrors” was roughly ninety minutes), but I have faith in Telltale to deliver the same quality we’re used to with their titles.

Episode 3, the next installment in The Wolf Among Us, – “A Crooked Mile” – drops April 8th on PC/Mac and Playstation 3, Arpril 9th for Xbox 360.


The Good

+ Amazing writing.

+ Character development.

+ More tough decisions.

+ New characters.

+ Replayability.

The Bad

- Shorter, much less story progression.

- Clipping issues persist.


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