Zooo (GBA)

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Graphics: 7.50
Sound: 7.00
Gameplay: 8.00
Replays: 8.00

Remember Zoo Keeper back at the DS launch, the fun and quirky puzzle game featuring cute little animal faces to match and eliminate? Well, now GBA owners have a port of the game simply called Zooo. And while owners of the DS Zoo Keeper may not be interested in it, puzzle fans with only a Game Boy Advance will find a lot to like.

Zooo won’t exactly push the limits of the GBA’s hardware, but everything that’s here is pleasing to look at. All of the various animals are distinguishable from one another, which definitely helps. On the left side of the screen is a little animated display of a particular animal, as well as your rank, score, and timer. On the right side, there is a display telling you what level you are on, as well as how many of each animal you have captured. The interface works very well, something that is always needed for a good puzzle game.

Music in the game is also lighthearted, perfectly matching the pace and style of the game. Aside from that, there isn’t a lot else to comment on for the sound. All of the sound effects are recognizable; whether you get a combo or just move up a level, you’ll know what each sound represents.

Zooo gives you three difficulties and five game modes. As you would expect, the first of these modes if the Normal mode, which is standard play until the timer runs out setup. From there you have the Tokoton mode, which has you capturing 100 animals before the level moves up. This mode is a good deal more challenging considering it takes a lot more work before you move on to the next stage. Third, there is the standard Time Attack mode, which has you scoring as much as possible within a set amount of time.

The fourth game mode is Score Attack, which offers somewhat of a twist on the aforementioned Time Attack mode. Instead of having a limited time, it is now your goal to score 200,000 points in the fastest amount of time that you can. And finally, you have the Quest mode. In Quest, you are given eight unique challenges (such as make certain combos etc.), and are scored accordingly for each one.

If there’s one thing that is a bit disappointing, it would be that there is no kind of head to head play. It would have been nice to see, but it certainly isn’t a deal breaker. If you’re a Game Boy Advance owner and like puzzle games, Zooo is a worthwhile purchase, as it is a very addicting experience.

Overall Rating: 7.50

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