The Playstation Experience – One Week with Sony’s New Console

By Matt Christine

Published on Sunday, November 24, 2013

Last week Sony launched the Playstation 4 to much hype, worry, and of course anticipation. I was one of the thousands upon thousands who headed out into the cold at midnight to pick up the new console from Gamestop. Oddly enough they had given me my pre-ordered games a few day prior when I came into pay off the console, I’m not sure if this was the norm at every store or was even like this last console launch because I didn’t get either the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 at their respective launches. I want to touch briefly on just how smoothly the midnight launch went compared to most experiences I’ve had with Gamestop.  Order was kept (most of the time other than a small scuffle early in the night) and I think everyone had their consoles by 12:12, which was a remarkably fast turn around.

I feel like I was in the minority of people who picked up the console at midnight and did nothing with it until morning, regardless that was what the path I took. When I woke up the PSN was still functioning just fine and it did for me through out Day One. The unboxing of the console was nothing special, but if that sort of thing excites you there are thousands of videos of the process on Youtube by now. The PS4 is yet another black shiny console to add into my home entertainment unit and the Playstation camera accessory sits nicely on top of my soundbar. After installing the Day One update, which took about 18 minutes over my DSL connection, I first inserted Killzone: Shadow Fall. I don’t went to spend to much time reviewing the game itself because that is a story for another day but I want to touch upon how quickly the console installs games. At first when I saw that the game was 37GB, I feared that it would suffer from an hour or more install to my hard drive. I was wrong, it took just about 2 minutes and in that time the update for the game managed to download as well so I wasted no time booting up Sony’s launch title.

On a 1080p TV, the PS4 looks amazing. On anything else… really doesn’t look any different than a current generation system. I play normally on a Sony Bravia and the frame rate/details on Killzone looked absolutely amazing through out the first half of the game I managed to play through so far. The zero-gravity scenes were specifically enjoyable in 1080p for me for some reason. However, the same levels on a Dynex TV at 720p look really rough and kind of washed out and hazy. The PS3 exported 720p a lot better than the PS4 did and I suppose that is because it didn’t have to down convert the exported video.

By Day Three with the console I had run into a few frustrating issues, mainly just with Battlefield 4. I’m still having issues with it actually, it just keeps crashing and returning me to the PS4 menu. I’m not sure how widespread this is and if this has something to do with the fact that I played it before the first patch installed but I can rarely finish a game of multiplayer without being sent back to the menu with a crash report. This sucks because I was really looking forward to experiencing the next generation version of this game. On the brightside, this gave me a good reason to go get Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag and I’m glad I did. I played the first mission of the game on PS3 and actually got bored with how flat it looked and the occasional hiccups the game had. For whatever reason, none of these issues were present in the next gen version and the graphics truly showcase the next gen ability to a rather large extent. Sure, it won’t look amazing compared to what will come at the end of the console’s life BUT for a launch title it gives me hope at how far the console can grow.

Now that we are entering week two with the system I am going to focus my attention to some of the other launch titles like FIFA and hopefully finish the frustrating shooter that is Killzone. Hopefully from hear out it is nothing but up for Sony’s new system, it certainly has the potential to become the leader of the pack for this generation.

The Good

+ Sleek Design.

+ Intuitive Menu Controller Design.

+ 1080p Support looks Gorgeous.

The Bad

- Battlefield issues that NO ONE will address.

- PSN is awkward to browse still.

- Just not enough games at launch.


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