Archer & Light Shine with New Single, “Melbourne (I Used to Be Your All)”

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I’ve been overwhelmed with E3 updates today and haven’t been paying attention to a lot of the music news coming through my inbox, but Australia’s Archer & Light caught my attention. The band released their debut single “Melbourne (I Used to Be Your All)” today, which you can stream above. It comes off their upcoming EP Love is Confetti and has a nice blend of indie pop/rock with some folk leanings. It’s exactly the type of laid back tune I needed while I was wading through inbox hell today, and I think those of you looking for something laid back and pleasant to listen to will find that this single has staying power.

Hailing from Australia, Archer & Light is very much a best-kept secret from down under. Blending catchy indie pop, with heavy doses of folk and electronic influences, this unique combination will have the listener craving more of what this band has to offer. Drawing from a wide range of influences – including the likes of Bright Eyes, Bon Iver, Wilco, The Temper Trap, Death Cab for Cutie and Radiohead, to name but a few – Archer & Light bring to the masses a refreshing sound all of their own. Their infectious brand of Indie-Electronica- Folk-Pop will have you in awe and on the edge of your seat wanting more.

Unleashing their debut single “Melbourne (I Used to Be Your All)” from the upcoming EP Our Love is Confetti, the track certainly takes you for a ride, both musically and emotionally. “… an energetic slice of Technicolour synth-driven pop with a propulsive yet stuttering rhythm that builds into a danceable groove and comes complete with an infectious, sing-along chorus” as described by Justin Kreitzer of Fabricoh Magazine (USA).

Luscombe’s vocals are soft, yet boisterous; with every lyric that spills from his lips sending shivers down your spine. “Trying to find some heat, the night was newly born; Our hearts were younger still, we’d fought the day and won,” sings Luscombe, with such fierce passion. The blend of electronic and folk is quite an intriguing sound that, when done right, really has an impact on the listener. Archer & Light seem to have this formula down to a science, and it leaves you wondering what else this phenomenal band is up to.

Luscombe (vocals, guitar, programming) is joined by Steph Ryan (vocals, synth, keyboard percussion, guitar), Rob Di Giallonardo (guitars, vocals), Damien Goerke (keyboards, vocals, guitars), Jeremy Turner (bass, synth, programming), and Zack Visser (drums, samples, percussion).

Let Archer & Light be your new favorite musical discovery.


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