By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bass Drum of Death will release their new album Rip This on October 7th via Innovative Leisure. The Mississippi rock band has been a regular touring act and has released quite a bit of material since debuting in 2011 with GB City. I found that particular album to be one of my favorites, and when I caught their live set in D.C. earlier in the year it delivered. The first single off Rip This is “Left For Dead” which you can stream below, and it seems to continue their shift away from the noisier garage rock sound towards slightly cleaner hooks. Even with that shift this is still a very high energy song that makes an immediate impression, so I have no complaints with where these guys seem to be headed.


LISTEN: “Left For Dead” –

When Bass Drum of Death started touring the rock club circuit outside Oxford, Mississippi several years ago, there was a legitimate concern that the band’s appeal might be limited to fans of the garage scene. With a seemingly never-ending series of tour dates, BDoD nonetheless transformed rooms full of normally too-cool-to-rock indie crowds into a mob of sweaty, stage-diving maniacs. Meanwhile, Madison Avenue, eager to cash in on hip cachet, took notice. Since the release of 2011’s GB City, “Get Found” has been featured in FOX promos for the NASCAR season. Rockstar Games’ mega seller Grand Theft Auto V helped to promote last year’s self-titled album. Gamers terrorized the freeways of Los Santos, living out their cops-and-robbers fantasies, as “Crawling After You” blasted through their car stereo speakers. Bass Drum of Death are teetering on the brink of reaching a mainstream audience, and Rip This is their attempt to record an unapologetic rock album for people outside their normal fan base.

In the past, BDoD brainchild John Barrett wrote and recorded all the material and toured with a revolving lineup of hired guns on drums and guitar. This time around, drummer Len Clark joins Barrett as a full-time member and collaborator. The duo began discussing plans for a new record when touring with Unknown Mortal Orchestra in 2013. Barrett and Clark then convinced UMO bassist Jacob Portrait to take on the role of producer when the band booked a session in March at Prairie Sun Studios in Sonoma County, California. With a few rough demos, Barrett, Clark, and Portrait hunkered down for two weeks and cranked out the band’s first proper studio album. Rip This retains BDoD’s trademark sorry-for-partyin’ swagger while scrapping the crackling hiss and lo-fi fuzz. The result is a record that still relies on an obliterating attack of heavy guitars, danceable hooks, and kinetic drumming, but will appeal as much to KISS fans as the music freaks and geeks who worship Nuggets. Both a challenge to music critics and a rock call-to-arms, the title says it all. You’re not going to hear many records this year that rip like this, so shotgun a beer, tune in, and turn up. Check out the first single “Left For Dead” above and see all upcoming BDoD tour dates and Rip This album details below.

Bass Drum of Death
Rip This
(Innovative Leisure)

1. Electric
2. Left For Dead
3. For Blood
4. Everything’s The Same
5. Sin Is In 10
6. Black Don’t Glow
7. Burns My Eye
8. Lose My Mind
9. Better Days
10. Route 69 (Yeah)

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