Black Sky To Take Over Denver This December! Three Stages. Nearly Two Dozen Bands. Pure Sonic Sickness.

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Monday, August 19, 2013

Skinless vocalist Sherwood Webber has announced a new multi-stage event that will be held at Denver’s Gothic Theatre on December 14th. Entitled Black Sky, the festival will have three stages and feature performances from bands such as Dying Fetus, Ghoul, Exhumed, Skinless, Speedwolf, and many more. Check below for the full lineup. Tickets go on sale August 24th here for $25 and $50 for a VIP ticket. Regular tickets will be $30 at the door. This sounds like a killer event for those in the Denver area, and it sounds like it’s planned to be a bi-annual event.


This December, Denver’s Gothic Theatre and Moe’s BBQ will spew forth one of the most extreme nights of audio deviance all year! Founded by legendary Skinless throat Sherwood Webber, Denver Black Sky will be held on December 14, 2013. The three-stage event will include a very special “Grind In The Round” stage and feature a smoldering lineup of:

Dying Fetus





Power Trip

Mammoth Grinder

Call Of The Void


Weekend Nachos

Iron Reagan


Primitive Man


Of Feather And Bone

Native Daughters

Black Sleep Of Kali

Dead Temple

Flight Of Sleipnir


Comments Sherwood Webber of the upcoming live ambush: “The goal for this event is to merge proper event production and promotion with underground extreme metal. Curated by a few underground warriors and scene veterans, this bi-annual event will meld all the unique to Denver lifestyle elements with some of world’s best death, grind, crossover, and hardcore. It’s a chance to see a once-in-a-lifetime lineup that has never, and will never be assembled in this way again. We want this event to grow organically; we start with the bands that we want to see and support. Under this event’s banner, we’ll never compromise quality of the bands or production. This show is about underground integrity, camaraderie, and creativity.”

“Denver is an amazing place with a very dedicated following,” he continues, “but we fight some factors here: hippies, proximity issues, sometimes it’s difficult to route acts through… this is a big ‘fuck it’ to all of that! It’s about time something of this magnitude happened in Denver for the underground and we’re proud to bring it. This show is also an invitation for folks to get to know Denver from elsewhere and understand how unique and fun it is. We have the best beer, herb, metal, and weather in the world, come get it, find me at the bar, first round’s on me!”

Tickets for Denver Black Sky go on sale Monday, August 24, 2013 at:

$25 Advance ticket/$30 day of show/$50 VIP TICKET

* VIP TICKET INCLUDES a limited edition, screen printed poster ($20 dollar value), limited edition Denver Black Sky pint glass, a Relapse Records gift bag, limited Denver Black Sky split 7″ featuring two insane DBS 2013 artists, and access to the VIP viewing area with food, snacks, and other perks to sustain a day of insane metal! The VIP ticket is by far the way to go, get it!

Tickets are also available at Black Sky Brewing fee free after September 2, 2013 [490 Sante Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204]

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