Campfire OK Announces the Release of New Album When You Have Arrived out Sept. 17th!

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, August 11, 2013

I enjoyed Campfire OK’s debut album quite a bit back in 2011, and was excited to see that the band will be releasing their sophomore effort When You Have Arrived on September 17th. The band has released a video for the song “Wishing You The Best” which you can check out below.

Deeply rooted in Seattle, Campfire OK announces the release of their sophomore album, When You Have Arrived through Fugitive Records on September 17th and will feature “Wishing You The Best” as the first single. The essence of the 12 track alternative album establishes a dark psychedelia sound with unassailable harmonies and catchy melodies.

WATCH: Official Video for “Wishing You The Best”

“Wishing You The Best” embodies spontaneity, with animated outbreaks of banjo, horn, and harmony” – Mychal Cohen

Campfire OK delivers a unique sound that the band so proudly claims as their own swiftly entering the Seattle music scene by performing at festivals such as Doe Bay, Bumbershoot, and The Capitol Hill Block Party.

Track Listing:

1. 2&3

2. My Dear Friends

3. Wishing You The Best

4. Fireworks at Night

5. New Tradition

6. Pretty and Kind

7. Whereabouts

8. Orange Grove

9. Wooden Queen (feat. Melodie Knight)

10. When You Have Arrived

11. Smoke Out Your Eyes (feat. Melodie Knight)

12. Our Hearts Beat Light (To An Orange Grove)


Campfire OK consists of Mychal Cohen (vocals/piano/guitar), Andrew Eckes (banjo/guitar/trumpet), Brandon Milner (drummer), Aaron Huffman (bassist, formerly with Harvey Danger), and Zarni De Wet (vocals and piano). The songs from the album, When You Have Arrived present themselves in a sprightly, electro-pop manner, some tracks introducing romantic and vulnerable lullabies, while others dance between rhythmic intonations.

“Campfire OK’s “Strange Like We Are” grows as it goes, with handclaps and three-part harmonies culminating in powerful choruses.” -NPR: Song of The Day

On “Wishing You the Best,” the first single from When You Have Arrived, Cohen delivers his earnest plea (“I’m sorry if I was overbearing / But I didn’t mean it”) backed by the thunder of hand-claps and the spine-tingling sound of Eckes’ banjo. – KEXP-FM

“Campfire OK is one of those beautiful, restless entities that don’t stay in one place for too long, but still manage to write concise, focused songs. The band pushes the boundaries of the revival band stigma, incorporating subtle modern elements (synth swells and delay pedals) effortlessly atop the weathered antique frames of their songs” -Seattle Weekly

Keep up with Campfire OK: | Facebook/campfireok | Twitter@campfireok

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