Cathedral Premieres Final Music Video “Tower of Silence”

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cathedral will be releasing their final studio album The Last Spire next month via Metal Blade Records.  In advance of the release they’ve put what they’re saying is their final music video for the song “Tower of Silence.”  Metal Hammer premiered the video last week here, but if you don’t speak German it can also be found on Youtube which we’ve embedded below.

Here’s the full description of the video, as provided by Metal Blade.

“Tower of Silence was inspired by classic cult British film institutions such as “Amicus” and “Hammer House of Horror”, Tower of Silence was shot on location during the British Winter of 2012 at Gunnersbury Park Tower, London. It features a guest appearance from Purson’s Rosalie Cunningham, who places a symbolic black orchid on the tombstone of each member in the clips closing scenes. Directed by UK based Paraffin City Productions, Tower of Silence will be the last full production promo video ever made by this British doom metal institution and is taken from their final album, The Last Spire.”

It definitely sounds like Cathedral is going out in the strongest way possible based on this track, but it is a bit sad to see them calling it quits. I have to wonder what’s next for the musicians and if we’ll see new projects sprout up in the coming months.

The Last Spire’s out April 30th, and Metal Blade has a pre-order page up here.  What did you think of the track, and how do you feel about Cathedral calling it quits?

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