Classroom Battles Premiere Music Video With Virgin Red Room

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Classroom Battles has premiered a music video for “Call To Arms”, their debut single. The group has members based in Ireland, France, and the U.S. and will be releasing an EP entitled This Week’s Question in September. North American tour dates are scheduled for October, coinciding with the CMJ Music Marathon in New York, but specific venues have yet to be announced. Virgin Red Room first premiered the video, but you can also watch below via YouTube.

Virgin Red Room has the world premiere of Classroom Battles’ music video for the song, “Call To Arms.” Balancing punchy pop-synths with soulful vocals, the group (whose members reside between Ireland, France and The U.S.) are making a serious play for your playlist with this debut single. “Call To Arms” is also featured on Seaport Music’s Anchored & Amped compilation which features artists who have appeared at the Seaport Music Festival and which benefits businesses impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Classroom Battles (whose member Martin Clancy was given the title of the Festival’s “Artist In Residence”) is proud to have shared space on the album with notable acts such as Animal Collective, Deerhunter and The XX.

Watch the video to “Call To Arms” here:

“The song is about taking a good look inside yourself—even when you don’t like what you see — and having the courage to face your issues,” explains co-writer/backing-vocalist Trish Kavanagh. “It’s essentially a battle cry for changing yourself.” To reflect the song’s lyrical theme, the video finds lead singer Tigrane Minassian in the midst of baking a cake, trying to create something meaningful despite life’s distractions. Minassian further explains that “The cake represents all the things we’d like to do but never find the time or nerve to. The diner where he’s cooking represents all the things we have to do regardless of our dreams. In the end, we need both. We just have to find a balance, and even though that might ruffle some feathers, the result is most definitely worthwhile.”

After relocating to Dublin in 2011, Minassian (who also graduated from the Cannes Film School) met producer/artist Martin Clancy, formerly of renowned indie dance unit The Witness Protection Programme. Shortly after they began collaborating in Martin’s studio, the two were joined by Kavanagh and renowned engineer/drummer Vasileios Gourgourinis. Martin and Gourgourinis utilize a mix of live instruments and Ableton Live software to create Classroom Battle’s distinct electro pop sound. From there, Minassian and Kavanagh find inspiration from the music to lyrically tell a meaningful story. “Being Irish, I cannot write anything without telling a story,” declares Kavanagh. “And Tigrane, being French, adds a very romantic and sometimes even strange approach to the writing. So our songs tend to have strong meaning. Some even have characters who we could recite their whole life story up to the point where the song takes place.”

Available now as a single, “Call To Arms” serves as a taste of Classroom Battle’s This Week’s Question EP, slated to be released in September. The group will also play their first ever shows in North America this October, with exact dates to be announced shortly and to coincide with the CMJ Music Marathon in New York.

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