COFFINWORM Reveal New Black/Doom Sins of “Lust Vs. Vengeance” on Noisey

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Saturday, January 25, 2014

Doom metal band Coffinworm will release their new album IV.I.VIII on March 18th via Profound Lore. The group has released the track “Lust vs. Vengeance” which can be streamed below, and it’s an absolutely crushing track. While I haven’t checked out that much from the band just yet, this seems like it’s just the type of heavy hitting doom that appeals to me so I am planning on checking out the rest of the album when it’s available. Check below for full details.

Indianapolis, Indiana’s most notorious blackened doom metal abomination COFFINWORM have teamed up with major music portal Noisey to vomit forth a brand-new blackened hymn from their upcoming new album, of which the publication lamented, “Coffinworm’s latest effort is arguably one of the most compelling heavy records to be unleashed so far in 2014…the album reveals a band firing on all cylinders, with each track dripping with obliterating darkness and devastation under walls of thick, impenetrable noise.”

Listen to “Lust Vs. Vengeance” and check out an interview with vocalist Dave Britts here on Noisey.

This band of villains have built quite a reputation for themselves, beginning with their emergence in the underground in 2009 with their Great Bringer Of Night demo. The ensuing unleashing of their 2010 debut LP When All Became None made a huge impression amongst blackened doom circles and coincided with a burst of the band’s devastating live shows (which included a run at SXSW upon the album’s release) as the band kept quite active on the live circuit (which also included an appearance at The Power Of The Riff’s East Coast event) consistently during the course of When All Became None’s discourse.

Now, come March 18, 2014, Profound Lore Records will unleash COFFINWORM’s greatest transgression yet: IV.I.VIII.

Four years after the release of When All Became None, COFFINWORM return with an album that not only levels its predecessor, but a vicious statement of intent which producer/engineer Sanford Parker (Corrections House, Twilight, Yakuza, Wovenhand, Lord Mantis) claims as one of the most insane and craziest albums he’s ever been a part of.

IV.I.VIII is an album much more complex, lacerating, introverted, and ultimately devastating than anything the band has ever done previously, boasting six tracks of pure blackened unholy doom metal terror. Abetted by nightmarish cover artwork from Scott Shellhamer, this latest COFFINWORM icon will once again serve as the soundtrack to the inevitable dark era that will ultimately befall the feeble mortal coil.


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