Engineers to release new album “Always Returning” this September on Kscope; Teaser video posted on YouTube

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, July 13, 2014

I was a big fan of Engineers’ album Three Fact Fader back in 2009, as the band’s soft melodies pulled me in and kept me coming back time and time again. I lost track of the group after that, so I missed out on 2010’s In Praise of More, but now it looks like I’ll have the chance to experience Engineers all over again. They’ll be releasing a new album called Always Returning on September 16th, and have released a teaser trailer that contains snippets of three songs. It already sounds like the Engineers I remember being so entranced by, but with a few differences. I’m ready to hear the rest, and hopefully it won’t be long before we get a full track preview.

ENGLAND – Engineers will release its upcoming fourth studio album, Always Returning, on September 16 via Kscope. The band has unveiled a teaser video containing snippets of the tracks “Fight or Flight,” “Searched for Answers” and “Always Returning” on YouTube at:

Written and recorded alone at home in York by multi-instrumentalist, Mark Peters, before being coated with deft brush strokes of ambient electronica by celebrated German artist/producer, Ulrich Schnauss, Always Returning is a record that unhurriedly drifts in and out of focus, hinting at themes without ever making them so explicit that the listener can’t map out their own personal interpretations. It delivers an overall emotional heft that’s impossible to pull away from.


1. Bless the Painter

2. Fight or Flight

3. It Rings so True

4. Drive Your Car

5. Innsbruck

6. Searched for Answers

7. Smiling Back

8. A Million Voices

9. Smoke and Mirrors

10. Always Returning


Engineers – with London based drummer and composer, Matthew Linley, rounding out the line-up – has been creating mesmerizing music with brilliantly shaded guitar textures and teasing lyrical ambiguities for over 10 years across three albums – 2005’s debut Engineers (“hypnotic lullabies from beautific Brit newcomers” **** Q), 2009’s Three Fact Fader (“a blistering statement of intent” **** The Sunday Times), and 2010’s swift follow-up In Praise Of More (“should be given to most UK bands as an example of in making an album that is a joy to behold” 8/10 Clash).

Stay tuned for more information on Engineers and Always Returning, out this September on Kscope.


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