Funeral Doom / Avantgarde Metal band NECROPOLI debut album released

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, September 28, 2014

Italian doom band Necropoli releasxed their debut full length I back in June, and they have released a promotional video for opening song “Ashes of my Soul.” The group mixes elements of funeral doom and death metal together with some experimental elements, giving them a slightly different sound from the norm. I is available via their Bandcamp page, and Necropoli is already writing a follow-up EP. I’m liking what I hear so far, as the balance between somber funeral doom and intense death metal works extremely well. More details below.

On June 14th, 2014 the Italian Metal band NECROPOLI emerged onto the Metal scene with the release of their debut album entitled “I” in digital format. “I” features five tracks in all with a running time of nearly one hour and mixes Funeral Doom and Death Metal influences to create their own Advantgarde Metal sound. NECROPOLI’s members consist of David Unsaved (Ennui), Dario Fabiani (ex-Perfidy Biblical, ex-Lectern) & Francesco Romano (Destrudo). “I” is now available for purchase on the official NECROPOLI bandcamp page:

A promotional video for the opening track “Ashes of my Soul” can be seen here:

NECROPOLI have begun writing material for a follow up EP, be sure to “like” the official NECROPOLI facebook page to keep up to date with the bands progress:



1. Ashes of my Soul
2. Inner Space
3. A Step
4. Silence Awaits Me
5. Curriculum Vitae



Recording Line Up

Dario Fabiani (Guitar, Bass, Synth, Vocals, Programming)

David Unsaved (Voice)
Rodolfo Baroni (Guitar)

Current Line Up

Dario Fabiani (Guitar, Bass, Synth, Vocals, Programming)

David Unsaved (Voice)

Francesco Romano (Drums)


The band has born with the meeting between Rodolfo Baroni and Fabiani Dario, with whom he immediately started composing for a new release, due to a good working harmony.
The duet try to go beyond the classical path of doom metal, defiling it with Dhrone, Death, Black and Downtempo influences, and aiming to express their music with no trivial.
They work together on the guitar lines, while Dario writes the bass and the drums lines, and part of the synth arrangement,
Dario also participates in the lyrics of the new album coming out “I”.
On four out of five songs, the project osts georgean funeral doom band Ennui’s lead singer David Unsaved.
Actually, Hate Profile’s Fabio Bartolini is working on the release’s final Mix.
The band is working to bring the work on live stage with Francesco Romano at the drum,as stable member of the band.Rodolfo Baroni left the band. Now Fabiani Dario takes over the entire composition and is’ engaged in writing for the release of the next ep.



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