Germany’s Leading Gothic Metal Band CREMATORY sign with Steamhammer/SPV

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Thursday, September 5, 2013

Long running German gothic metal band Crematory has announced they have signed a deal with Steamhammer/SPV. The group’s last three records were released by Massacre Records. SPV will release Crematory’s new full length Antiseum in February, with the first single “Shadowmaker” set for November 22nd. On this same day, SPV will release a boxset that contains the group’s first ten studio albums.

Steamhammer/SPV’s signing of the band Crematory from Southern Germany has been accompanied by a whole number of exciting releases and surprises. The most important information to start off with: 24 February 2014 (Germany: 21 February 2014; US: 25 February 2014) will see the arrival of the new Crematory album, Antiserum. “We’re really looking forward to our collaboration with Steamhammer/SPV, a globally renowned label and expert partner in what we’re planning for the future,” says drummer Markus Jüllich, adding: “Our fans can look forward to Antiserum, on which we have gone one step further than we did on our comeback album Revolution in terms of our electronic influences. In collaboration with Elmar Schmidt of Hamburg EBM act Centhron, we have come up with a haunting mix of metal riffs and EBM keyboards. That’s why I’d refer to Antiserum’s musical direction as ‘EBM metal’.”

The first single release ‘Shadowmaker’ will be out on 22 November 2013 and is guaranteed to wet the appetite for the album. Jüllich: “Even before the whole record was finalised we knew that ‘Shadowmaker’ had absolute hit potential. You’d be hard put to announce our new album better than with this song.” On the day of the single launch, there will be another highlight: a special boxset featuring the band’s first ten studio albums in a cardboard sleeve. An absolute must-have for all fans and collectors.

Steamhammer A&R manager Olly Hahn: “I am delighted that Crematory have opted for SPV. They’re one of the leading bands in the gothic metal genre, and their latest album Antiserum impresses with its homogeneity and hit potential!”


CREMATORY live 2013

06.09. D-Mannheim – Alte Seilerei

20.09. D-Hamburg – Klubsen

21.09. D-Rostock – Alte Zuckerfabrik

04.10. CH-Luzern – Konzertzentrum Schüür

19.10. D-Straubing – Metal Invasion Festival

01.11. D-Berlin – K17

02.11. D-Dresden – Strasse E

15.11. D-Nürnberg – Rockfabrik

16.11. D-Affalter – Zur Linde

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