Italian dreampop duo announce new full-length ‘Tourismo’

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, October 26, 2014

Italian dream pop band Welcome Back Sailors will release their sophomore album Tourismo on November 24th. The group has released the song “Best Friend” in advance of the release, and it’s a stunning track that had me hooked right from the beginning. It starts fairly slow, letting the layers building slowly, before unleashing a catchy laid back groove that has a good deal of soul/funk influence. I’m ready to hear the rest, as it will be nice to have some warmer music to take in as the weather gets colder.

Three years after their debut Yes/Sun, Italian dreampop duo Welcome Back Sailors (made up of members Alesio & Danilo) return with Tourismo. Inspired by the whirlwind tour following their first release which took them around the world, the band wanted to write about the people they met and places they saw; in addition, “tourism” describes movement, curiosity, relaxation. The eleven songs that make up Tourismo are described by the band itself as purely pop; the influences behind the new tracks include diverse contemporaries as Grizzly Bear, Sampha, Blood Orange, Beach House, Cascine, Chad Valley, London Grammar and more. First track “Best Friend” which has just premiered on Gold Flake Paint, is an example of this blend of sounds, a “naturally radiant track that is suddenly brought to the life by a subtle percussive beat that shapes the track toward its floral, sumptuous finale.”

The tracks slowly came to life during various sessions in our studio. The final track list is a selection of the ones that are balanced enough to give the record uniformity and define the album’s identity. With Tourismo, Welcome Back Sailors’ classic synth sounds have found a new homogeneous wave. The main difference comparing this sophomore album to their debut is in the rhythmic choice, now more elaborated and less linear. But it’s the unique way Welcome Back Sailors manage to make their synthesizers play so visceral that still represents the band’s most striking feature, combining pop with soul and funk. Above all, Tourismo is a set of tracks that are the most immediate and emotional songs that the band has ever written.

Tourismo is out 11/24/2014 via We Were Never Being Boring Collective.



Welcome Back Sailors
Out November 24th, 2014 via We Were Never Being Boring Collective


Best Friend
Love is a Mirror
Shining Blue
Lonely Boy
Something Great
Act Like You Are Crazy
Jason Dill


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