Kaotoxin Records Announces First Bands for Kaotoxin Fest #II

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, January 11, 2015

Kaotoxin Records held their first official festival last year, and the label has announced that the event will return again in 2015. Kaotoxin Fest II will be held in Lille, France on December 5th. The focus on this year’s lineup is bands from Kaotoxin’s roster that didn’t perform last year. So far the lineup includes Putrid Offal, Savage Annihilation, Miserable Failure, and F Stands For Fuck You. More artists will be announced in the coming months. Kaotoxin has a lot of diverse metal and grind bands on their roster, so whatever surprises they have up their sleeve should be exciting.

After a successful debut, the Kaotoxin Fest will return in 2015 for a second edition that will take place in Lille, France on December 5.

The first festival saw a slew of bands from Kaotoxin Records’ illustrious roster, including 6:33, Ad Patres, Antropofago, Department of Correction, Dehuman, Drawers, Eye Of Solitude, Infected Society, The Lumberjack Feedback, Nephren-Ka, Nolentia, Sidious, Unsu, VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC storming the stage at Lille’s El Diablo club. This year’s edition will be centered on Kaotoxin bands who didn’t perform last year. Confirmed names thus far are as follows:

Putrid Offal
Savage Annihilation: feat. Bono (ex-Insain) as special guest on bass.
Miserable Failure: First gig ever, featuring guest drummer Kevin Foley (Benighted).
F Stands For Fuck You: First gig in years.

More artists and many exclusive surprises will be announced in the coming months. For updates, visit this location.

Kaotoxin Fest #II is sponsored by MetalOrgie.com.


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