Leviathan Records Worldwide announces new EWJ video “Aces & Eights”

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Friday, May 9, 2014

Eric William Johns has released a music video for “Aces & Eights.” The song is off of his newest full length Smoke In The Sky, which is available now on Leviathan Records. I hadn’t heard Johns’ material before but he has a great voice and is able to offer some riffs that are reminiscent of some of the better classic rock acts out there. Check out the video and additional details below!

‘Aces & Eights’ is the first video off Eric William Johns’ new Cd ‘Smoke In The Sky.’ Critics have hailed Eric’s voice as a mixture of David Coverdale, Robert Plant, Ian Gillian Sammy Hagar and Zakk Wylde all rolled into one! A description of the music is Classic Hard Rock of the 70s with a modern sound.

Eric himself states “I have always been a fan of bluesy, hard rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, The Cult and Badlands and they were all huge influences on me as a kid. It is a style of music that doesn’t seem to get heard enough anymore, at least here in the USA. I want to be able to sing what I feel like singing at the time I want to do it. It’s fun to do metal because it is so vocally hard to do. But sometimes, I like just the simplicity of singing a song acoustically or along with piano. Life is way too short to just do one thing. I have always liked all kinds of music. Where ever I go, I want to immerse myself in the music that is happening. I never liked when people try to pigeon hole someone into just repeating the same things over and over. ” ”

‘Smoke In The Sky’ was recently released on Leviathan Records Worldwide. For more info go to http://leviathanrecords.com/ericwjohns.htm


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