MAD MAX NEW ALBUM INTERCEPTOR TO BE RELEASED November 5th in North America on Steamhammer/SPV

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Friday, August 23, 2013

Mad Max just released Another Night of Passion last year, but they already have a follow up ready! Entitled Interceptor, the ten track album will be released on November 5th via SPV. I found Another Night of Passion to be fairly hit or miss, as there were a lot of slower numbers that just didn’t grab me. But the group is promising Interceptor will be “full throttle from start to finish” so hopefully they’ll be able to impress me with this one.

One of Germany’s most prominent and consistent hard rock bands have just announced their next major coup: November 5th. Mad Max will be releasing their new album Interceptor, not just its title but also its cover artwork, created by Thomas Ewerhard, alluding to Mel Gibson’s legendary desert car in the movie classic Mad Max. The four musicians, Michael Voss (vocals, lead guitar), Jürgen Breforth (guitar), Roland Bergmann (bass) and Axel Kruse (drums), promise “full throttle from start to finish” and sum up the direction of their new record in just two words: “It rocks!” Or, as guitarist Jürgen Breforth puts it: “Whereas some rock groups become insipid and balladesque with time, we’ve taken the opposite route and deliver nothing but pure energy.”

Like its predecessors Interceptor was produced by frontman Michael Voss at his own Kidpool Studio in Münster, with the drum recordings completed at the renowned Principal Studios in Senden. The record was mastered at the MSM Studios in Munich, where once upon a time Gotthard added the final polish to their works. Breforth: “This time we made a conscious decision to allow ourselves more external output, yet without overdoing it.”

There are ten new songs to marvel at on Interceptor, including ´Turn It Down`, the obligatory cover song by The Sweet. “It’s what our fans are used to, so we just have to grit our teeth,” jokes Breforth.

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