MALTHUSIAN set release date for INVICTUS debut

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Monday, October 21, 2013

Irish death metal band Malthusian will release their debut demo MMXIII on cassette November 22nd via Invictus Productions. A CD and vinyl version are currently in the works and will be released at a later date. The group features former members of Altar of Plagues. Stream the song “Hallucinogen” below.

Today, MALTHUSIAN sets November 22nd as the release date for their MMXIII debut, to see release via INVICTUS PRODUCTIONS. Ireland’s MALTHUSIAN seeped into creation in 2012 with the purpose of creating dismal, suffocating death metal. Slowly shaping their odes of negative, hallucinogenic, and poisonous black/death/doom, the band are poised to stir unease with the release of their MMXIII demo, which will see release first on cassette and then a CD version later on; a vinyl LP version is potentially in the works. MALTHUSIAN have managed to create an asphyxiating and dismal gloom with their sound: Resplendent with the horror of the grave and the doom of the earth, the three tracks across MMXIII jar uncomfortably with the stasis that the modern death metal scene appears to languish in due to its retro fixation. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for MALTHUSIAN’s MMXIII
1. Wraith///Plague Spore
2. The Mother’s Blade
3. Hallucinogen


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