Metalodic Records signs Kernunna

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, September 28, 2014

Brazilian folk rock band Kernunna has signed a deal with Metalodic Records. The group will release their debut full length The Seim Anew on November 15th. Metalodic will offer the release in a Collection Edition that has a bonus track included. Check out the song “Póg mo Thóin” below, which is catchier than I could’ve ever predicted. Seriously, just listen to it!


We are very proud to announce that Brazilian folk outfit KERNUNNA has signed a deal with Metalodic Records to release their debut album THE SEIM ANEW


Kernunna – The Seim Anew
*Collection Edition*
Release Date : 15 November 2014
01. Kernunna
02. Curupira´s Maze
03. The Seim Anew
04. Snark
05. The Dreamer
06. Póg mo Thóin
07. The Last of the Seven Ears
08. The Keys to.Given!
09. Ricorso
10. Curupira´s Maze ( Karaokê version – CD Version Only)



Kernunna was born from the ashes of legendary Brazilian Folk Metal pioneers Tuatha de Danann. On their first release ;The Seim Anew, you will find a wide and eclectic array of styles and influences from classic bands ranging from the Beatles, Yes, Jethro Tull ,Genesis as well as Irish Traditional Music . Heavy Metal remains the driving and some tracks even contain growling vocals. The nine songs will take the listener on a unique sonic journey using lyrics based on the irish novel “Finnegans Wake” from James Joyce as a backdrop. This is truly a one of a kind experience meant for die hard music connaisseurs.

You can download the first single Póg mo Thóin on Soundcloud

The album will be released in both physical and digital edition. The Physicial edition will be stricly printed to 300ex and will contain one bonus tracks. The album can be pre-ordered on our bandcamp page

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