Okta Logue Signs With The End Records For New Album || Announce US Shows

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Thursday, July 11, 2013

The End Records continues to have one of the most diverse rosters out there, and this has continued with their signing of German psychedelic rock band Okta Logue. The group will release their new album Tales of a Transit City on October 1st, and will be touring North America in October. Check out the initial list of dates below as well as the video for “Let Go” below.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York, NY (July 08, 2013) – If it wasn’t for the band playing a) such extraordinarily and b) damn good music for their age, Okta Logue unceasingly present themselves as the embodiment of an ultra-cool group of dudes, that just love to do nothing but to make highways unsafe with their dark-red vintage band-van and to get out their guitars at romantic festivals far away from rocking rings and parks. Yes, as a matter of fact, everything is vintage and “like it used to be” with Okta Logue, they have fallen out of time, as spectators like to express. In doing so, and this is extremely crucial, the band understands how to connect an old sign with a new one, how to immediately cross a positive particle with a negative one, so to speak. They understand how to counter and how to neutralize the effect and thereby still keep the thrill upright. I guess, if seen pop historically, you could say, one is constantly dipping in an extremely exciting contrast bath of feelings.

Hailing from Germany, the group is excited to come to the US for the first time for a slew of dates in October.

“Okta Logue don‘t sound like a couple of 20-year-olds from the German back province at all and if you didn’t know, you‘d think that you had just listened to a psychedelic rockband from the late sixties.” – Noisey/VICE

“Okta Logue never lingers too long in any one style, digging into proggy guitars and organ on the title track, a vintage rock ’n’ roll sound on “Let Go” and a somber, soulful blues sound on “Bright Lights.” – The Wall Street Journal

Oct 2nd NY – Mercury Lounge
Oct 11th/12th LA- Culture Collide
Oct 14th Chicago – Schubas
Oct 15th Toronto-Horseshoe Tavern
more dates to come

Okta Logue and The End Records will release their new album ‘Tales Of A Transit City’ on October 1st in the US and Canada. The album features choice tracks from their recent EP ‘Transit’ which also includes 2 videos and a remixed version of ‘Decay’.



1. Transit
2. Mr. Busdriver
3. Dream On
4. Let Go
5. Chase The Day
6. Judith
7. Cats In The Alley
8. Just To Fall Asleep
9. You

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