Pyramid Announces New EP via Kitsuné

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pyramid will release his new EP The Phoenix on January 27th via Kitsuné. The French producer has been rising in notoriety since the EP So Far Gone, and you can check out the first sneak of The Phoenix via a stream of “The Phoenix (Blende Remix)” and “Astral” below.

LISTEN: “The Phoenix (Blende Remix)”

Pyramid has already made some noise with his tracks featured on the Kitsuné compilations but became a sensation in France when he released the acclaimed EP So Far Gone, which included his hit track “Wolf”.

He is now back on Kitsuné with a highly anticipated solo EP The Phoenix, proving that the young French producer has matured a lot. He just teased the first remix from the EP, by UK producer Blende.



The Phoenix

(Kitsune, 1/27)

1. Astral
2. The Phoenix (feat. Willy Wesly)
3. Lunar Ghosts
4. The Phoenix (feat. Willy Wesly) (Lifelike remix)

5. The Phoenix (feat. Willy Wesly) (Blende remix)


The Phoenix pre-order –

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