SOULBURN reveals ‘The Suffocating Darkness’ artwork; launches first new track, “Under The Rise Of A Red Moon”

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dutch death metal band Soulburn has released the first track from The Suffocating Darkness, which comes nearly sixteen years after their last full length album. Soulburn was originally formed when Asphyx broke up in the mid-90s, but disbanded after only a few years. The band had recently come back for some live performances supporting Morgoth and Bolt Thrower, and now are almost ready to release The Suffocating Darkness on November 17th. You can listen to the track “Under The Rise Of A Red Moon” below, and it finds them continuing to showcase the Dutch death metal sound with some doom and black metal elements. Additional details below.

After some triumphant live-debut shows recently in their newest incarnation supporting BOLT THROWER and MORGOTH, Dutch blackened death doom metallers SOULBURN are getting ready to release their much anticipated sophomore album, The Suffocating Darkness, via Century Media Records on November 17th.

Consequently, SOULBURN is now debuting the first song off their upcoming album. Check out “Under The Rise Of A Red Moon” here:

SOULBURN’s Bob Bagchus (drums; ex-ASPHYX) comments: “This track shows well what SOULBURN is all about: cold, dark and grim blackened doom/death metal. ‘Under the Rise of a Red Moon’ is furious and contains all the elements we love the most about metal. This song also shows that one does not need many riffs to create a grim atmosphere…this is a mid-paced assault with a pure and heavy 80’s feel, just how we wanted it!”

The Suffocating Darkness was recorded with Harry Wijering (Harrow Productions) and mix/mastering duties were taken over by Dan Swanö (Unisound Recordings). The artwork was designed by Timo Ketola (WATAIN, DEATHSPELL OMEGA, etc.) and additional artwork was provided by Roberto Toderico (SINISTER, ASPHYX, etc.).

Originally, SOULBURN emerged after the demise of Dutch death metal legends ASPHYX in the mid-90’s, when founding members Eric Daniels (guitars) and Bob Bagchus (drums) looked for a separate outlet to unleash their mutual obsession with BATHORY, VENOM, CELTIC FROST and unite it with a dark, doomy and primal death metallic twist. After a demo and the cult Feeding On Angels debut album via Century Media Records in 1998, which featured Wannes Gubbels (PENTACLE) on vocals/bass, SOULBURN was put to rest and seemed to be a mere transitional act before ASPHYX achieved a short-lived return for On The Wings Of Inferno (2000) with the same line-up.

SOULBURN was dead, buried, but not forgotten…

And now, 16 years after their debut album, the blackened death metal merchants return to the surface in their new line-up shape that again features the core of Eric Daniels (guitars) and Bob Bagchus (drums), teaming up with Twan van Geel (FLESH MADE SIN, LEGION OF THE DAMNED) as vocalist/bassist and Remco Kreft (GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT, NAILGUN MASSACRE, XENOMORPH) as second guitarist.


SOULBURN live 2015:
10.01.2015 – Essen (Germany) – + THANATOS
17.-19.04.2015 – Tilburg (The Netherlands) – 013 / Neurotic Deathfest /


SOULBURN line-up:
Twan van Geel – vocals/bass
Remco Kreft – guitar
Eric Daniels – guitar
Bob Bagchus – drums


SOULBURN discography:
Soulburn (Demo) – 1996
Feeding On Angels – 1998
The Suffocating Darkness – 2014


SOULBURN online:

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