STORMVOLD: New song, album cover and tracklist revealed!!

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, October 26, 2014

I tend to think of Teitanblood the moment anyone mentions black/death metal from Spain, but the country has some other promising acts. One of them is Stormvold, who are releasing a CD containing their three demos. The CD will have the same title as the third demo, Third Bestial Mutilation, and contains 8 tracks of heavy hitting death metal that makes the jump over to downright terrifying black/death metal during key moments. Xtreem Music will release the CD on November 15th, but for now you can check out the song “Brilliance of Thunder” below.

The third demo of spanish bestial Death Metallers STORMVOLD is finished, so the band is ready for the CD release of their three demos: “Third Bestial Mutilation” (2014), “Second Guanche Massacre” (2013) and “First Tibicena Brutality” (2012).

This third demo was mixed and mastered at famous swedish Necromorbus Studios, including 4 songs that shows the best and most brutal stuff from STORMVOLD so far. All three demos will be released on CD under the generic title of “Third Bestial Mutilation”. A total of 8 songs of a merciless and hellish brand of Death Metal with a Black hint, very reminiscent of norwegians MOLESTED, whose drummer Erlend Erichsen drew the cover art for this STORMVOLD release back in 1995, by the way!!


Tracklist for “Third Bestial Mutilation” is as follows:

1. Brilliance of Thunder
2. Universal Domination
3. Glorious Blood
4. Exploitation of Superiority
5. Overdose of the Grotesque
6. Slaying the Losers
7. Extermination from Nature
8. Levitation of Bestiality


Release date for “Third Bestial Mutilation” has been set for November 15th. In the meantime you can get more info about STORMVOLD on their official Facebook: and here you can listen to an exclusive advance song:

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