By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Oyster Murders will be releasing their new EP Mourning Birds on September 17th, and have released a video for the song “Disaster Flower Bloom” in advance of the release. It’s a moody alternative rock song that makes an immediate impression, and I’m definitely interested in hearing what else the band has to offer.

The Oyster Murders unveiled a new video this week for their song “Disaster Flower Bloom,” which is the first single off their upcoming EP release Mourning Birds (September 17th, 2013). Beautiful, and slightly uneasy; the clip puts a spin on the quintessential performance video with reversed sequences and superimposed images, that pair deftly with the tracks rich and subtly-haunting vocals. Directed by Jesse Vogelaar, it is a perfect visual counterpart for the dreamy pop sound.

The Oyster Murders got their start when founding member Grant Redgen (guitar, lead vocals) grew frustrated of growing-up in rural isolation and moved to the city in order to pursue his love of making music and hopefully start a band. There he met Wendy (synths, vocals) who was studying entertainment business. The two bonded over their shared passion, started making music together and got married. This organic formation of a band continued with good friends Shaun Edwards (drums), and Chris Macpherson (Bass) joining the line-up.

The bands innovative sound has further evolved on their new EP, produced by multi-ARIA award winner Lachlan “Magoo” Goold. During the recording, the band stayed at his Applewood Studios, housed in a renovated old church in the middle of Australian woodlands. The first single off the EP, “Disaster Flower Bloom” features disquieting vocals from Grant (lead vocals, guitar) which were recorded with a vintage Dictaphone mic, and brooding synth shifts in the vein of Portishead.

“When we started recording it, we could feel this natural ebb and flow in the song, it seemed to be slipping seamlessly from a dark and almost eerie verse and then lifting into a lush chorus,” Wendy (vocals, synths) describes, “Originally I wasn’t singing on the track at all and then Grant suggested that we add female vocals into the chorus, I came up with some ‘Mazzy Star’ Inspired harmonies for this and it all fell into place nicely.”

Mourning Birds EP will be available digitally worldwide on September 17th, 2013. Watch the video for “Disaster Flower Bloom” now.


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