TV Ghost share “Siren” w/ Interview Mag – album out 9/3 on In The Red Records

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Saturday, August 24, 2013

TV Ghost has released the song “Siren” off their upcoming album Disconnect, which will be out September 3rd on In The Red Records. The group has elements of post punk and alternative rock mixed together into a psychedelic haze, and it’s a track that instantly caught my attention. Check out the song below.

Indiana born psyche post-punks, TV Ghost are back with grinding single “Siren” which debuted on Interview Magazine HERE describing it “Taut rhythmic interplay recalls at once the smoky psychedelia of Spacemen 3…”. September 3rd sees the release of TV Ghost’s third full-length LP, Disconnect, on In The Red Records. Disconnect pushes TV Ghost even further down their collective tunnel into a lush torrent of sound. With the cybernetic squalor of Cold Fish and Mass Dream’s churning sea-saw still lingering over head, Disconnect echoes down a hall of mirrors. Spectral guitars and industrial drums infectiously stir together into a grinding, goth sludge – somehow managing to be disorienting and beautiful at the same time.

Listen to “Disconnect” on Soundcloud HERE

TV Ghost’s practice of cooptation began Winter of 2006 when the young virtuosos birthed a disheveled, experimental noise nurtured by raw ambition. The avant-garde sound led them to the beginning stages of their career, releasing a single, Atomic Rain B/W Bird Flu, with Die Stasi Records in 2007 (youngest member only 14). In the same year they issued a self-titled 12″, again, with Die Stasi. One year later they signed with In The Red Records who released their debut full length LP Cold Fish evoking a sinister ambiance with terror-stricken waves of guitar and discomforting vocals. Two years later saw the release of their sophomore album, Mass Dream, making clear of the maturity and experience they had gained as individual musicians; with less erraticism, rage, and scuzz, it produced grotesque articulation with a darker mood.

Although, often compared to early-Echo and The Bunnymen and/or The Cramps, due to Gick’s lamenting vocals, it is rather cheap to associate them with such proverbial post-punk legends. TV Ghost is ostensibly their own and if there must be a comparison they would be the children of horror soundtracks bound to dreams; steadily innovating and evolving their sound with age, Disconnect breaks the barrier for these Midwest boys. Check out their first single “Elevator” HERE on TV Ghost’s Soundcloud.


TV Ghost
In The Red, September 3

1 – Five Colors Blind
2 – Veils
3 – Placid Deep
4 – Stranger
5 – Dread Park
6 – Elevator
7 – A Maze of Death
8 – Cloud Blue Moments
9 – Others Will Be Born
10 – Siren



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