Unspeakable Axe Records to Release ALGEBRA’s “Feed the Ego” Sept. 16

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Unspeakable Axe will release the new album from Algebra, Feed the Ego. These Swiss thrashers have been around since 2008, and this is their second full length album. You can check out the first track from Feed the Ego below via YouTube, and while I tend to be fairly picky with my thrash these days Algebra offers everything I like about the genre. The riffs are punchy and in your face and the vocals have that gruff, aggressive approach without coming off as silly or over-exaggerated. Feed the Ego is out on September 16th.

Unspeakable Axe Records has announced the September 16 release of Feed the Ego, from Swiss thrashers ALGEBRA.

ALGEBRA is superficially an unusual moniker for a thrash band, calling to mind mathematical precision and maybe pencil-snapping frustration rather than the blitzkrieg attack of Slayer, et al. But as one absorbs Swiss thrash machine ALGEBRA’s music, the name makes increasingly more sense. Both the math and the anger are here – the former in the unreasonably tight playing, complex riffs and spiraling lead work; and the latter in the lyrics, which tackle all manner of modern-day frustrations.

Take for example the opening track “Survival Nowadays.” Over a pummeling riff assault reminiscent of Sepultura, Testament, Coroner and more, the gruff vocalist barks about what life in 2014 has done to humankind. And it’s not a pretty picture. We are soft, we are lazy, we are complacent. The song is criticism honed to a knife’s edge. It would be hard to swallow if it didn’t sound so damn good.

The aforementioned “Survival Nowadays” can be heard at this location.

ALGEBRA’s debut album was self-released in 2012 and reissued by Stormspell Records afterward. Now they will follow that up with their sophomore effort. Feed The Ego satiates thrash-hungry listeners with nine aggressively complicated calculations, all mixed and mastered by Andy Classen. Unspeakable Axe Records will release this album on September 16, 2014.


Survival Nowadays

Prisoner Outdoors

Necessary Evil

My Shelf

Profound Guilt

Feed me More

Ego System

The Fort Broke




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