USA Out Of Vietnam announce album via New Damage Records

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Monday, June 2, 2014

Montreal’s USA Out Of Vietnam will release their album Crashing Diseases And Incurable Airplanes on June 24th via New Damage Records. Check out the video for the 13 minute track “Leg Of Lamb” below, which showcases the band’s ability to weave between soaring soundscapes and softer moments that let the vocals take the spotlight. Additional details are below.

Montreal quintet, USA Out Of Vietnam have announced June 24th as the release date of their auspiciously titled debut, Crashing Diseases And Incurable Airplanes. To be available on CD, gatefold double-vinyl and digital, the record will be released in North America via New Damage Records (Ken Mode, Biblical).

According to co-songwriter/guitarist, Son Of Fogman (S.O.F) “I suppose we are contrarian by nature and if songs begin to slip into a specific genre we tend to recoil. Basically, we just think of ourselves as a pop band, I guess all of the ballast and scope just comes out later.” This definition may beguile those who notice that the album’s running order is mostly ten minute sonic epics (with only one album clocking in barely less than eight minutes). Also this “pop” band manages to weave in a myriad of influences through each song, which includes elements of black metal, doom, drone, minimalist composition, sludge, post-rock, shoe-gaze, dream pop and classic seventies radio dial gold.

Hell, If you really wanted to try to harness this slippery eel you could say that the band’s sound is as equally informed by the stacked production and pop savvy of Jeff Lynne’s E.L.O. as it is by the crushing heavy drones of Sunn O)))).

Watch official video for “Leg Of Lamb” (directed by Amy Torok) here:

Speaking on the group’s evolution, S.O.F adds “When USA Out Of Vietnam started, there was no hard or fast deadline on what we should be musically. My favorite part of being a musician is making records, so I was more interested in writing emotional and fully realized songs over time than being a traditional band.” A trip in the true sense of the word, Crashing Diseases and Incurable Airplanes utilizes over 15 guest musicians (including Montreal singer/songwriter Patrick Watson who contributes treated vocal loops on two songs here). Appearances by Brass sections, string sections, piano, spoken word, vocoder, vintage synths, sampled noises and more contribute to the whole of this album.

S.O.F. relates “though we are an anomaly within Montreal and perhaps unclassifiable in general, the collaboration and respect of musicians that went into this recording is a very Montreal thing indeed.”

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