Veteran Los Angeles-based indie-poppers The Black Watch return from six-year hiatus with latest studio album “The End of When.”

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It is hard to believe that almost six years have passed since The Black Watch released Icing the Snow Queen, as it still seems like it was only a few months ago that I was listening to and reviewing the release. The group has returned with their newest album The End of When, set for release on September 10th. In addition to the new material, the album will come with a disc collecting some of the band’s best tracks from their lengthy career. Full details below.

Referred to as “a national treasure” by the L.A. Weekly, the Los Angeles-based veteran indie pop band The Black Watch formed in the late 1980’s and has released “17-and-counting CDs of remarkable consistency” in that time, according to the paper. With all of that work and time behind frontman, John Andrew Frederick, the songwriter might have decided by now to spend a bit more time playing ping-pong or with his set of official Andy Partridge toy soldiers. Not so.

After a relatively short (six years!) break, The Black Watch (now featuring ex-The Chills member, Steven Schayer) returns on September 10th with a new album The End of When, accompanied by a second CD collecting some of the band’s best and brightest tunes from its catalog.

The lead single from the new album is “Meg,” (streaming now via The A.V. Club) which Frederick describes as “revolving around the singer’s appreciation of a woman’s uniqueness and beauty and how he goes all ‘ice cream inside’ when he thinks of her looking at him ‘green-eyed-shyly’ through ‘imperfect bangs.’”


The Black Watch

The End of When

(Pop Culture Press, Sept. 10th)

Disc 1 (The End of When)

01. I Don’t Feel The Same

02. Meg

03. Hardly Nothing Never Ending

04. Oh Oh

05. Sum

06. Always Honey

07. The End of When

08. Of Lovely Surprises

09. The Spare Side

10. A Pleasing Dream / That’s You and Me All Over

11. Unlistening

Disc 2 (Best of Collection)

01. How Much About Love

02. Emily, Are You Sleeping?

03. Like In The Movies

04. Kinda Sorta

05. On Another Plane (Scott Campbell Remix)

06. Come Inside

07. Quasi Stellar Radio Source

08. Williamsburg

09. Innercity Garden

10. All These Shivers

11. Tear The Sky

12. The Wrong People

13. Caroline

14. Christopher Smart

15. Whatever You Need

16. The Tennis Playing Poet Roethke Said


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